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  • Traffic stop results in DUI; weapon charges

    Driving under the influence, while arguing with your wife with a loaded gun in the car is a sure recipe for jail time.

    On March 12, Caryville Detective Stephanie Smith was on routine patrol when she witnessed a vehicle swerving uncontrollably on Main Street, the arrest report said.

    After stopping Dustin Lee Overbay, 24, of Overbay Lane, Caryville, Smith noted that he had his head slumped over and was allegedly nearly incoherent, according to the police report. As Smith began to speak to him, Overbay acted startled, Smith’s report said.

  • Knoxville Symphony Orchestra entertains kids at Caryville Library

    Toes were tapping, smiles were shining and a whole lot of hokey pokey was going on at the Caryville Library on Friday. A string quartet from the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra played its instruments for Mrs. Wright’s Jacksboro Elementary pre-school class and area children from Caryville as well. Kids and adults danced along as orchestra members performed favorites such as Rocky Top, and the Hokey Pokey.

  • Wallace picks up shoplifting charges

    Tag switching didn’t pay off for a LaFollette woman who was arrested on shoplifting charges last week.

    On March 13, around 9:30 p.m., Jacksboro Police Officer Josh Carroll was dispatched to Wal-Mart on the report of a shoplifter, the arrest report said.

    After arriving on the scene, Carroll learned from a loss prevention agent that Sarah Christian Wallace, 28, of 603 Rose Hill Drive, LaFollette, had allegedly switched tags on merchandise and paid for an item at a false price, the arrest report said.

  • Paul arrested on drug charges

    One trip to the courthouse apparently wasn’t enough for a Jacksboro man who was arrested on drug charges in sessions court last week.

    On March 9, Travis Lynn Paul, 30, of 478 Elkins Road, Jacksboro, was issued a failure to appear warrant for being late for his court date, according to Jacksboro Police Officer Josh Carroll.

  • White Oak teacher under investigation

    While he has not been formally charged with any crimes a White Oak Elementary School teacher will be spending some time off the job until the outcome of a criminal investigation.

    Christopher Neil Perry, of 502 South Indiana Avenue, was suspended without pay after LaFollette Police officers executed a search warrant at the special education teacher’s home last Thursday.

  • Jail project gets green light again

    When County Mayor William Baird exercised his veto power more than a year ago hopes for the construction of a justice center complete with courtrooms and additional prisoner space seemed out of reach.  

    But after months of being off the radar Commissioner Johnny Joe Dower resurrected the discussion during February’s commission meeting.

  • How much is too much: a look into the cost of copying and producing records

    Public records are just that, public.

    But at what cost do these records come? The quest for information is a common one, whether by citizens or journalists. But information often comes at a price. In fact, information requests recently cost the Press $100. But how much is too much, and just exactly what are governing bodies and entities allowed to charge?

    While it is normal for a copy fee to be charged, some municipalities may in fact be over or even undercharging for copies and record reproduction.

  • Old plant finds new home in Haiti

    Businesses come and go.  And with economic times such as they are it seems that more are going than coming.  

    H & E Block Supply, formerly Loby Blox, was one local business that suffered the ill effects of the tanking economy.

    While the concrete block plant bustled with activity for decades providing material for what would eventually become the foundation of more than a few businesses and homes in Campbell and the surrounding counties, the nearly screeching halt of new construction in the area forced its doors to close last year.

  • Jacksboro man arrested on rape charges


  • Two arrested on theft charges