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  • Four individuals charged with arson


  • Grand jury hands down indictments


  • Trio commits theft


  • Washam Charged


  • Pyro Shows gears up for holiday event

    The economy may be in a down turn, but there are still some things that are operating business as usual.

    While many businesses are scaling back to cut costs, Boomsday, the event that has become synonymous with East Tennessee Labor Day celebrations, is not one of them.

    “Boomsday has not been affected by the economy,” Michael Walden, vice president of Pyro Shows, Inc., said during an interview on Tuesday morning.

  • Alleged drug deal in progress foiled by police

    The element of surprise proved to be advantageous when LaFollette Police Officer Justin Lowe happened upon what appeared to be a drug deal in progress last Tuesday.

    Lowe was on patrol in the Village Apartments area when he observed Paul E. Cowans, 23, of 243 Lake Drive Lane standing at the window of a vehicle.

    According to Lowe’s report, the driver of the vehicle and Cowans were attempting a hand to hand narcotics exchange when they spotted his patrol car.

  • Stabbing send one to hospital; emergency surgery required

    A stabbing incident sent one man to the hospital and another to jail on Monday night.

    LaFollette Police Sgt. Rick Ford along with Officers Daniel Smith and Dennis Chadwell responded to a report of a stabbing at 502 East Walden Street around 11 p.m. on Aug. 24.

    At the scene the officers found Kyle Shively had been stabbed an undetermined about of times.

    Lt. Jeff Allen became involved in the investigation and was able to determine Shively’s wounds had allegedly been inflicted by David Nelson, of 313 East Hemlock Street, a LPD press release said.

  • New approach to law enforcement may be on the way for LaFollette

    Crime is an evident and growing problem for Campbell County.  With limited numbers of law enforcement officers and even more limited resources, getting a handle on the high number of offenders is seemingly out of reach.

    In an effort to fill in some of the gaps, Campbell County Mayor William Baird and his staff have begun the process of seeking grant monies that will focus on reducing crime in the area.

  • Car accident leads to charges

    Leaving the scene of an accident causes problems every time.

    When Eric Houp, 33, of 332 Tremont Street, Chattanooga, slammed into a vehicle in the Hardee’s parking lot on Aug. 6 he should have stuck around to hash things out. Instead he allegedly chose to leave the scene of the accident.

    Upon LaFollette Police Officer Joe Brown’s arrival at the scene the victim informed him that she had obtained the license plate number of the car that had hit her.

    After checking the plates, Brown located the owner of the vehicle.

  • Sanchez charged with child neglect for leaving children in car alone

    Leaving children in the car unsupervised proved to be a costly mistake for a LaFollette woman.

    LaFollette Police Officer Daniel Terry was on a routine foot patrol at LaFollette Elementary School last Tuesday when he heard the sound of crying coming from a parked vehicle.

    Terry secured supervision for the children before leaving to locate the parents, his report said.

    Upon further investigation Terry found Shayla Sanchez, 21, of 109 Pleasant Ridge, Apartment 503, inside the building.