Local News

  • Heavy snows shut down county roads; causes minor electrical outages

    One of the largest snowfalls in years dumped roughly six to eight inches of snow on Campbell County, leaving schools closed, while county road employees scrambled to spread gravel and plow roads.

    Even though the road department began preparing a week in advance for the storm, the large amount of snow that fell was just too much to keep up with, according to Campbell County Road Superintendent Dennis Potter.

  • Nolan doesn't receive rose on The Bachelor; 'would do it all again'

    Ella Nolan may not have received a rose, but the experience she has taken away from her time on The Bachelor has forever changed her life.

    A single mom, real estate agent and hair stylist from LaFollette, Nolan has recently captured the attention of the nation with her showing on the ABC reality series.

    “I would definitely do it again; it was one of the greatest experiences of my life,” Nolan said in a conference interview on Friday.

  • Bunch facing four counts aggravated sexual battery


  • Couple facing abuse charges after burns found

    A 13-month old girl is currently being treated at a burn center in Savannah, Ga. for burns she received on Friday. Her mother and her boyfriend stand accused of inflicting the burns.

  • The Southern Sons redefine the word 'family'

    This ain’t your momma’s church…but it could be.

    There is fellowship, a set of commandments the members adhere to and a unifying dress code for meetings.

    The members meet on Sunday mornings, sometimes over eggs and bacon, while discussing future plans. Community service is a large part of their mission and the members take care of each other in hard times.

    When times aren’t hard, they kick back simply enjoying their common bond.

  • Point in Time homeless count taking place today

    The definition of homelessness is being without a home, and therefore typically living on the streets. But it is not that simple. Homelessness, like people, comes in many forms; from being precariously housed, staying on a friend or relative’s couch, to literally sleeping on the streets in areas not meant for human habitation.

    “My eyes have been opened to a lot of situations; not everyone looks the part of homelessness,” said Debi Mikesell, who is representing the county mayor’s office in the Point in Time count.

  • Jellico High School makes the grade in grant evaluation

    Although implementation of the program just began in late October, the Jellico High School Redesign project has already gotten some feedback.

    As a result of receiving the grant that infused $500,000 into the school for improvements needed to ensure it makes the required Adequate Yearly Progress, the redesign program is subject to evaluations from the state department of education as well as external evaluators.

  • Relay for Life Kickoff scheduled tonight at Roane State

    January is a time for new beginnings. And now that it’s time to begin preparing for the annual Relay for Life event, the battle against Cancer has been renewed.

    The event kicks off tonight at Roane State Community College at 5 p.m.

    “We just hope this year is the most successful yet of the Relays,” said Co-chair Maria Hooks. Hooks, along with Robin Proffitt are chairing the event this year.

  • Stiner slated to be honored by Boy Scouts

    Campbell County is home to many extraordinary people. And in what has become an annual event area Boy Scouts are preparing to honor one of them.

    On Feb. 4 the Boy Scouts will host the third annual Campbell County Good Scout award dinner.

    Following in the footsteps of previous honorees Ed Balloff and Juanita Baird, retired Col. Tom Stiner is the recipient of this year’s Good Scout Award.

  • LaFollette Utilities speaks to innuendo about the water/sewer department

    After the LaFollette City Council moved to grant LaFollette Utilities Board the authority to set its own water/sewer rates, speculation has been flying as to what this means for customers. LUB General Manager Kenny Baird said customers should have no concerns.

    “The first misconception I want to address is the rumor that the water/sewer department has had several rate increases in the past recent years; that is incorrect,” Baird said. The last water/sewer rate increase was passed in July 2006, with no recent increases since then, according to Baird.