Today's News

  • Young files suit against White, Stanfield, city of LaFollette

    Young claims that the actions of LaFollette City Recorder Lynda White and Mayor Mike Stanfield have caused him damages to the point that he is entitled to some financial relief. He has asked for $4 million.

    The suit comes on the heels of a contentious city meeting where White attempted to speak out against Young and his alleged inappropriate conduct.

    She has accused him of making inappropriate sexual remarks and of creating a “toxic work environment.”

  • Campbell County High School sees vandalism by students

    The students were caught inside the building, according to Martin.  However, he said he was unaware how the students gained access to the building.  Martin said he left all disciplinary action up to CCHS Principal Robbie Heatherly.

    “All I can really say is a group of students had a plan to do something and got caught doing it,” said Heatherly.

    Though the students were not all seniors, there was a sizable number of them involved in the alleged prank, according to Heatherly.

  • Press staff bring home awards

    Three LaFollette Press journalists were recently recognized for their writing skills.

    Press Reporter Jennifer Caldwell, Editor Susan Sharp, and Sports Editor Dwane Wilder were among the winners when Landmark Community Newspapers handed out its annual editorial awards.

  • CCHS students learn pitfalls of new technology



    The large auditorium fidgeted with anxious freshman boys and girls last Friday as Alan Reed, lead investigator at Oneida Police Department, spoke about a new type of explicit behavior called sexting.

    The uses of cell phones have surpassed typical verbal communication and now serve as devises to write or text messages as well as send pictures. This new use of technology has caused increased awareness of the type of messages being sent among juveniles.

  • Vital Care again appeals to LaFollette Council



    Vital Cares’ appeal to the LaFollette City Council last month for half the emergency calls in the city has escalated into a lawsuit being filed against the county commission.

    The commission promptly discouraged the ambulance services request for the calls, saying the Campbell County Ambulance Service could not afford to give up half the emergency calls.

    Last week, Vital Care spokesperson Douglas Young appealed to the council. Young said the council was endangering its citizens by supporting a monopoly.

  • Town of Jacksboro heats up but plans to cool down



    Much to the satisfaction of the Jacksboro office staff, the board of mayor and aldermen approved the emergency purchase of two heating and air units last Thursday.

    The unexpected purchase of the two units will cost the town about $20,000, according to Mayor Jack Cannon. However, the stifling heat inside the council chambers seemed to encourage the board to approve the emergency purchase.

  • Texas man arrested in Jellico for DUI



    Patrolman Joseph Hopson was not looking for out of state tags when he observed a 1998 blue Mercedes last week.

    “While on patrol I observed the defendant (Walter Lee Medford) weaving from line to line and crossing the dotted line,” said Hopson. “Then jerking it (the vehicle) back into the lane of travel.”

    Hopson stopped the vehicle and when Medford, 43, Jarland, Texas, exited the vehicle he appeared to be unsteady on his feet, according to the arrest report.

  • Jellico Utility upholds manager’s decision to terminate employee



    On Tuesday night a personnel hearing was held at the request of Chris Salyers at the Jellico Electric and Water Board meeting.

    Salyers requested the hearing last month, saying he wanted to make the board aware of the details of his termination from the electric department.

    Board Attorney Terry Basista arranged for the specifics of the hearing, including a separate recording of statements being made as well as a video of the proceedings.

  • Robbery leads to additional drug charges



    On Sunday, around 2:30 p.m. an alleged robbery and theft in the parking lot of Jellico Community Hospital left a victim in fear and with her wallet allegedly stolen, according to a warrant drafted by the Jellico Police Department.

    The warrant indicates Justin L. Watts, 24, 191 Commerce Street, Jellico, approached the victim asking for a light to a cigarette.

  • Bruce charged with possession



    It appears Chad A. Bruce did not try to hide the drugs in his possession when a canister of methamphetamine dropped from his car as he was getting out.

    On May 8, Jellico Police Department officer Wayne Conrad initiated a traffic stop on Bruce, 30, 492 Beaver Street, Jellico, who was traveling on  Pine Mountain Road in Jellico.

    Conrad discovered two warrants for Bruce for his alleged failure to pay child support, according to the arrest report.