Today's News

  • Siler filed appeal with state

    It has been almost five years since Jenny Siler was charged with narcotics violations.

    In that time, she pled guilty and had her sentencing delayed numerous times. However, once it was handed down, she and her attorneys immediately began fighting it through the appeals process.

    Last month, they formalized Siler’s appeal by filing a 105 page brief with state appellate court.

    In it, Siler enumerates points her attorneys attempted to argue at her sentencing held in March.

  • Council and Mayor eliminate themselves from policy to hire relatives

    The LaFollette City Council’s decision to eliminate the nepotism policy only as it pertains to them came as a surprise to many on Tuesday night.

    A workshop was held prior to the meeting to discuss the policy, yet no alternatives or decisions on the policy were discussed.

    The workshop ended with Councilman Hansford Hatmaker saying the council should just vote on it.

    And the council did vote when Hatmaker made a motion to exclude only the council and mayor from the policy, leaving the policy intact for department heads and the city administrator.

  • Grand jury indicts Ellison on 10 charges

    A Jacksboro man is facing extensive charges, all which occurred in less than 60 days, following Monday’s convening of the grand jury.

    After the grand jury’s session Gerard Shawn Ellison has 10 charges he must answer for.

    Among those is a five count indictment related to the confiscation of a meth lab by LaFollette Police.

  • Huckaby to appear in court again

    Michael Todd Huckaby is becoming a familiar name with local law enforcement and courts.

    Last month, a Campbell County Grand Jury handed down an 11 count narcotics indictment against him. On Monday, another one was filed charging the 29 year old with numerous drug offenses.

    In this one Huckaby faces 10 counts, all relating to narcotics.

    Shortly after his last indictment Huckaby and two others were stopped by LaFollette Police because of a broken taillight, the arrest report said.

  • Grand jury returns indictments on Monday

    The following indictments were handed down by the Campbell County Grand Jury on Monday:

    Daryl Frazier, Mitchell Swygert, Roger Wilson, Micheal Goins- aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, theft over $1,000

    Kevin Kurtis Potter- promotion to manufacture meth, evading arrest

  • Potter indicted for meth narcotics crimes

    Kevin Kurtis Potter may have been able to hide from police for a month after they raided a home where a meth lab was found, but he couldn’t escape the grand jury.

    After it met on Monday, he was indicted on eight counts in two separate indictments.

    One was in relation to an investigation conducted by LaFollette Police when suspicious activity at a River Drive home was reported, the complaint filed at that time said.

  • Jellico mayor has high hopes for 2009

    Building revenue and repairing infrastructure is on Jellico’s agenda for 2009. Though economically times are hard, Jellico Mayor Forster Baird says he is still planning for the future.

    According to Baird, there are five main issues that he hopes to work on in the upcoming year.

    He said the revitalization of certain areas within the town would likely be on upcoming agendas in the future.

    Baird also said he plans to continue the Rarity Mountain annexation project study in the hopes of bringing in extra revenue through Rarity Mountain.

  • Jacksboro Mayor plans for 2009

    Recreation and paving projects top the list for 2009 improvements in Jacksboro, according to Mayor Jack Cannon.

    “The main thing we want to work on this year is our park properties,” said Cannon, speaking of two recreation projects that Jacksboro received grant money for last year.

    “We have two years to use the money, so it’s something we want to work on this year,” said Cannon.

    He also hopes to get some sidewalk and paving projects accomplished as well.

  • Four indicted for kidnapping

    Four men accused of going into a man’s home, forcing him into a closet and robbing him have been indicted by the Campbell County Grand Jury.

    Daryl Frazier, Mitchell Swygert, Roger Wilson and Michael Goins were indicted Monday on aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, aggravated burglary and theft over $1,000.

    They are scheduled to be arraigned Monday.

    In December 2008, the men allegedly entered a Glades Springs residence tying up one man. They then forced him into a closet locking the door, the arrest warrants said.

  • Retirement reception planned for Betty Snodderly

    After more than 20-years of service, as Campbell County’s Chamber of Commerce Administrator, Betty Snodderly has retired.

    The community is invited to a retirement reception being held in Snodderly’s honor on Jan. 13 from 5p.m., to 7 p.m., in the career center at the chamber of commerce.

    “I’ve worked with Betty for a little over a year and it’s been wonderful; Betty is almost irreplaceable,” said Chamber of Commerce Administrative Assistant Lindy Watson.