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  • Campbell County girls selected to roster of Phoenix Rising volleyball

    The Campbell County High School Athletic Department would like to congratulate volleyball players Carrie Brogan and Temre’ Taylor for their accomplishment of making the Phoenix Rising Volleyball roster.

    Phoenix Rising Volleyball is a competitive volleyball travel club for both girls and boys. 

    Based in Knoxville, Phoenix Rising is one of the most successful clubs in the Southeast, winning multiple tournaments across the region. 

    The club was recently featured on the news for its competitiveness and accomplishments. 

  • Ran stop sign and slow speed draw authorities’ suspicions to alleged drug dealer

     Running a stop sign and traveling too slow drew the suspicions of a police officer last Thursday night.

    Jacksboro Police Officer Zachary Graves saw Michael Justin Estep, 445 Spruce Lane Apt. 7, Caryville, allegedly pull onto Highway 25-W from Mt. Perkins Lane without stopping at the sign. Estep was also traveling 20 miles per hour slower than the posted 45 miles an hour speed limit, Graves said in his report.

  • Mayor Robert Stooksbury looks forward to 2012

     As New Year’s Day approaches, Caryville Mayor Robert Stooksbury looks at what he hopes to see done in 2012.

    “I hope we have a good year,” Stooksbury said. “Mostly just hope everything just keeps looking up.”

    Stooksbury feels jobs are the biggest issue right now, and wants Caryville to attract more business. The board of mayor and aldermen is going to have to keep working with the county and state to promote industry, Stooksbury said.

    “We hope we can attract some industry for our people,” Stooksbury said.

  • Mayor Mike Stanfield looks at what the future holds

     LaFollette Mayor Mike Stanfield is looking optimistically to the upcoming year.

    “(It)2011 was a great year for the city of LaFollette,” Stanfield said. “Hopefully 2012 will be better. You can always hope for the best in the new year.”

    While Stanfield feels the city has achieved quite a bit this year, without raising taxes, he has some ideas about what he’d like to see accomplished this upcoming year.

  • Mayor Les Stiers looks at “to do” list for 2012

     Jellico Mayor Les Stiers believes the board of mayor and aldermen got a lot accomplished this year.

    But he is looking ahead at what he wants completed in 2012.

    “A lot on the plate for 2012,” Stiers said.

    While Stiers’ New Year’s wish list contains many items, he is most concerned with projects that will provide citizens with jobs. This includes finalizing the deal with Montclair technologies and the summer work program for teens.

  • Jacksboro Mayor Jack Cannon hopes for economic improvement in 2012

     Jacksboro Mayor Jack Cannon hopes the traffic and economy will improve in Jacksboro in 2012.

    “(This year)2011 was better than anticipated,” Cannon said. “The economy kind of stabilized.”

    This helped town leaders in Jacksboro meet some of their goals.

    “We hope everything will continue to improve,” Cannon said. “I hope everybody has a good year, the economy picks up, and we get more jobs here.”

    Jacksboro doesn’t have a property tax, business tax or usage fees.

  • Jellico tourism hosts New Year’s Rock-n Eve at Veterans’ Park

     Jellico will ring in the New Year at Veteran’s Park Saturday night at the New Years Rock-n Eve celebration.

    The Jellico Tourism Office has invited everyone to attend.

    “We’re expecting a large crowd,” tourism director Jake Bennett said. “Going to make a big thing out of it. It’s going to be exciting. Good way to spend an inexpensive evening.”

  • Senior Citizens for week of December 22, 2011

      Senior Citizens of Campbell County

    Dec 22 – Dec 30


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  • From a Mothers Heart for the week of December 22, 2011

      Bea Wallen

    From a Mothers Heart

    Pondering The Birth of The Savior The Lord Jesus Christ


    The gospel of Luke presents Jesus as a Savior for the whole human race.