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  • Early voting sees large attendance

    The courthouse parking lot is packed with political hopefuls with their signs placed just behind the 100-foot barrier. That can only mean one thing- early voting has begun.

    With a ballot holding over 100 names, voters may expect to spend more time in line than in the polling booth.

    However, Dean Sexton, administrator of elections, says that has not been the case.

    “The lines have gone real well,” Sexton said. While citizens can anticipate standing in line, she said the longest wait has been around 15 minutes.

  • Families reconnect with a common historic bond

    In a story published by the LaFollette Press on April 25, 1957, a historic friendship formed in a prison during the Civil War was made public. That friendship was recently celebrated as two families shared the legacy of a bond formed over 150 years ago.

    The Civil War created two armies that were firm in their loyalties; the men and women who witnessed the conflict were no exception. Lewis M. Baird, though he was not a soldier for the federal army, had a strong loyalty to the north. Maybe it was because four of his 11 sons were fighting in the war.

  • Rock racing returns

    Cars raced to the finish line during the Extreme Off-Road Racing event on Saturday and Sunday. Racers flew down straight-aways and climbed up massive boulders in order to get the best race times.

    Though several competitors were within seconds of each other, Shannon Campbell, who ranked first in the first four races, claimed the best times for races five and six and remains undefeated.

  • Commission wants overtime issue resolved

    In a letter presented to county commissioners Monday night, Joe Coker, county attorney, let the group know he was working on an issue of concern for them.

    In August 2009, Coker filed a petition for Chancellor Billy Joe White to settle a dispute regarding what makes for an administrative employee versus a non- administrative employee and who gets to decide the classification.

  • Alleged counterfeiters arrested

    Three Campbell County men are facing federal charges after using a desktop printer to allegedly make counterfeit $20 bills.

    James Thomas Lloyd, Travis Allen Shears and Eric Bradley Morton are each facing one count of counterfeiting, according to federal court records. The trio was arrested last week.

  • Signs and roads get batted around at meeting

    Monday night’s county commission meeting had the group debating roads and signs.

    When Commissioner Bobby White made a motion to have Coolidge, Old Long Hollow and College Hill Roads repaired, Commissioner Bass Bolton quickly made a motion to amend it. Bolton wanted to include Duff Road and Stinking Creek Road to White’s motion.

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