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  • City administrator suspended with pay; grievance continues to be investigated

    With an agenda chock full of contentious issues, Tuesday night’s council meeting kicked off with a warning from LaFollette Mayor Mike Stanfield.

    “We’ve got a lot on the agenda and I’ll have no outbursts from the council or the audience or you’ll be escorted out by the police,” Stanfield said.  There were four uniformed officers and the chief of police standing by just in case Stanfield needed to make good on that promise.

  • Jury doesn't buy last minute testimony

    When the court began after lunch last Wednesday at the Sammy Miracle trial, it was Cleda McGhee’s, Travis Gaylor’s stepsister, time to give her testimony. McGhee was the only witness who claimed to ever see the alleged cell-phone pictures of the murder.

  • Pierce widow finds verdict ‘disappointing’

    When Sammy Miracle was set free on Friday, his family cried tears of joy.

    But less than five feet across the room from them, the Pierce family’s tears were for a much different reason.

    “He did it and he is free,” Linda Pierce, Jonathan Pierce's widow said on Tuesday afternoon.

    She said the initial shock of the verdict quickly wore off giving way to tears. “I cried all day Friday,” Linda Pierce said. “But on Saturday morning a peace came over me.”

  • Trial wraps up with not guilty verdict

    After three years of being identified as a co- conspirator in the death of Jonathan Pierce, Sammy Miracle was acquitted on Friday.

    The 12-person jury returned not guilty verdicts on the charges of first-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery just after lunch.

    It was an outcome that brought gasps from the side of the room seated behind Miracle. Among those pleased with the jury’s work was Doris Tucker, Miracle’s grandmother, who adopted him when he was 3-years-old.

  • Students and teachers start back to school count down

    Area temperatures are still screaming summer but the activity at local school buildings indicates that fall is on its way.

    With the start of school just a week away Campbell County students will soon be trading their beach towels for backpacks as they prepare to hit the books.

    And while some may be groaning at the thought of getting back to the grind, Dr. Michael Martin, director of Campbell County schools, says he is looking forward to the challenges the new year brings.

  • Trio charged with theft appear in court

    Three women accused of taking large sums of money from an elderly man will now receive free legal assistance.

    Greta Cooper, Bonnie Cooper and Tamara Harness appeared in court last week to answer to an indictment charging them with multiple counts of theft and forgery.

    The trio had allegedly taken thousands of dollars from an elderly man in failing health, who they had befriended, said LPD Det. Jason Henegar just after the women were arrested.

  • Three of four plead in kidnapping case

    The third man charged with assaulting a man in his home and putting him in the closet while he and others stole from him opted for a plea to resolve his case.

    Last week, Daryl Frazier plead guilty to kidnapping, robbery and aggravated burglary.

    Although he entered a guilty plea in the case, his sentence for the crimes will be not given to him until Sept. 28, the plea form said.

    His cohorts Michael Goins and Roger Wilson had previously plead guilty to kidnapping, robbery and aggravated burglary as well.

  • State sales tax holiday set to begin August 7

    Parents will get a break and businesses will get a boost as a result of this weekend’s state sales tax holiday.

    The holiday is slated to begin on Friday Aug. 7 at 12:01 p.m., and continue through the weekend until 11:59 p.m., on Aug. 9, according to the Tennessee Department of Revenue (TDR).

  • St. Mary's Hospital says farewell to director on Friday

    After nearly four years as director of St. Mary’s Medical Center of LaFollette, Alan Watson is leaving.

    “It’s been a great three and a half years,” Watson said at his farewell party on Friday.

    Watson will be the new director at Baptist West at Turkey Creek in Knoxville.

    “We hate to see him go so bad,” said Emily Noss, Director of Public Relations and Marketing for St. Mary’s of LaFollette.

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