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  • Investigation led to arrest



    A month long investigation, which started with a citizen complaint, led to the arrest of Jimmy Lee Gibson, 57, and Christopher David Gibson, 34, last week.

    Complaints from neighbors in the Old Ivey Hollow Road area about high traffic led officers to begin an investigation in April, according to Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins.

    Sheriff’s department detectives executed a search warrant at the Gibson residence on May 11, around 2:30 p.m.

  • Two arrested for meth manufacture



    An anonymous complaint led Campbell County Sheriff’s Detectives to make two arrests on Monday for manufacturing methamphetamine.

    Detectives Brandon Elkins and Josh Goins responded to the complaint within minutes, which proved to be profitable since they found several bags of meth and witnessed more in the making, said Sheriff Gary Perkins.

    When detectives knocked on the shed door, announcing who they were, a woman’s voice invited them in by saying the door was open, said Goins.

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    Campbell County School Menu May 25 through May 29   Monday Memorial Day-No School

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  • The Villages slated to reopen under new management

    After a lengthy battle to organize the once defunct property at the Norris Lake Villages, new owners of the development MIROBO has announced the continuation of the project.

    “It has been a long and exhausting couple of months and with the help of the Campbell County Planning Commission, First Trust and Savings, Spath Bros. LLC., the Villages HOA and lot owners, we are excited to announce that the vision that once was The Villages at Norris Lake will now become a reality,” said MIROBO partner Boog Potter.

  • Appeals court upholds Chapman punishment

    Lillie Chapman has fought the law and it has repeatedly won. Sometimes that win has come based on a technicality.

    That was the case last week when the state criminal appeals court upheld Chapman’s 14-year prison sentence. She received that punishment for calling in bomb threats to area schools, repeatedly threatening law enforcement officers and having a prohibited weapon in her possession, according to court records.

  • Young files suit against White, Stanfield, city of LaFollette

    Young claims that the actions of LaFollette City Recorder Lynda White and Mayor Mike Stanfield have caused him damages to the point that he is entitled to some financial relief. He has asked for $4 million.

    The suit comes on the heels of a contentious city meeting where White attempted to speak out against Young and his alleged inappropriate conduct.

    She has accused him of making inappropriate sexual remarks and of creating a “toxic work environment.”

  • Campbell County High School sees vandalism by students

    The students were caught inside the building, according to Martin.  However, he said he was unaware how the students gained access to the building.  Martin said he left all disciplinary action up to CCHS Principal Robbie Heatherly.

    “All I can really say is a group of students had a plan to do something and got caught doing it,” said Heatherly.

    Though the students were not all seniors, there was a sizable number of them involved in the alleged prank, according to Heatherly.