Today's News

  • School day extended to make up days

    Last week it was determined that extending the school year by five days was the most feasible route to make up days missed as a result of inclement weather. However, it seems school system personnel have changed their strategy.

    While students were groaning at the thought of spending an extra week in class, central office staff and building principals were putting their heads together to come up with a better plan.

  • Court says city owes Young severance pay and discretionary costs

    David Dunaway declared another victory for his client David Young following the battle against City of LaFollette that continued to wage on in chancery court on Monday morning.

    In the most recent of court appearances related to Young’s ouster from his city administrator post Dunaway and Jon Roach, attorney for the City of LaFollette, engaged in a verbal grudge match over myriad of legal issues.

  • Officer guilty of crimes

    Standing before the judge as defendant, one time police officer John Baker plead guilty to criminal charges Monday.

    On Friday, charges were levied against Baker for theft over $1,000 and official misconduct. During the late afternoon hearing, the former officer agreed he was guilty of pilfering money from the Campbell County government to the tune of $8,684.

  • Officer under investigation for statutory rape

    Last Friday afternoon the LaFollette Police Department found one of its own under investigation.

    According to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokesperson Kristen Helm, the agency opened an investigation into the conduct of Officer Daniel Terry. This came at the request of LPD and the district attorney’s office after a statutory rape complaint was lodged against the officer, she said.

    Helm said Terry is facing allegations that he was engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a 17- year- old female and the TBI is “still working on the case.”

  • Jellico discusses storage/towing fees

    Jellico’s Thursday night Mayor and Aldermen meeting was a brief one, with only three items on the agenda.

  • LaFollette Utilities Board accepts tree trimming bids

    Though it came at the end of the LUB meeting on Monday night, board member Mark Hoskins asked a question that showed the water/sewer rate increase issue is still causing a stink with some members of the LaFollette City Council.

    Right before the meetings close, Hoskins questioned LUB attorney Mike Hatmaker regarding the LaFollette City Council’s decision to grant the utility the ability to set its own water/sewer rates.

  • Pair arrested on child abuse charges in Jellico

    A call from child protective services instigated an investigation into the alleged abuse of a child in Jellico, resulting in the arrest of the parents.

    Jellico Police Officer Joe Hopson was dispatched to 880 South Main Street in Jellico on the allegations of a possible child abuse case, the arrest report said.

    After arriving at the house, Hopson learned that the young boy was staying at his aunt’s house in Newcomb, according to the report.

  • Office seekers continue to file petitions as August draws closer

    As August draws nearer, those hoping to win an elected office are continuing to file their petitions one by one.

    The race for sheriff is now up to a field of five candidates. The incumbent sheriff, Gary Perkins, Robbie Goins, a one-time sheriff’s deputy, and Robert Higginbotham, a LaFollette city police officer, have submitted petitions, as have two others, election commission records said.

    Jacksboro Detective Mike Starrett and former Caryville Police Officer Freddie Stagnolia have officially joined the race.

  • Caryville gas station robbed at gunpoint

    An unknown man wearing a black ski mask robbed a Caryville gas station at gunpoint last week. The suspect is still at large.

    On Feb. 16, Caryville Police Officer James Wilson was dispatched to the Rocky Top Shell station on the complaint of an armed robbery, according to the police report.

  • Duo charged with abuse set to appear in March

    Appearing in criminal court on Monday Suzanne Douglas and Adam Hayes plead not guilty to allegations they had harmed Douglas’ daughter just before Christmas.

    The couple was given a March 22 date to return to court. The judicial path of their case will be determined at that time.

    Hayes remains in jail on a $50,000 bond. Douglas left jail on Jan. 23 after making her $50,000 bond.

    It was just before midnight on Christmas Eve when Jellico Police were notified of the child’s injuries by her grandmother, the arrest warrant said.