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  • Ash me no questions: Few answers given about proposed ash fly dumping site

    George Hyfantis

  • Burns, Wasps and Hummingbirds

    Last week, in a rare shopping excursion with only one of the three gremlins (I mean, children) we stumbled upon a small hummingbird feeder on clearance for only $2.
    Anytime I see those red stickers in sight, it excites me from the inside out. I mean, why don’t I need tons of off-season flip flops in various summer colors for only a fraction of the price?
    But that day, I kept my head on straight, and thought that a purchase such as this would do our little crazy home school souls well.
    It definitely was not the smartest of choices.
    Here is why:

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  • Miller named school board chairman
  • 'Snake Salvation' reality show debuts Tuesday

     CAMPBELL COUNTY—”Snake Salvation” — a 16-episode reality series, starring local serpent-handling preacher Andrew Hamblin, is set to debut  9 p.m. Tuesday on the National Geographic Channel.

    The series will feature Hamblin of Tabernacle Church of God in LaFollette  and Jamie Coots of Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name church of Middlesboro, Ky.

    The series is expected to feature scenes from church services where worshipers handle snakes as well as the day-to-day struggle to live out their faith.

  • Blight site a bit brighter

     LaFOLLETTE—City officials are aggressively targeting blighted businesses, residences and other sites they believe are hotbeds for prostitution, drug dealing and code violations. 

    On Aug. 28, city code enforcement officers — along with a work crew of county inmates — condemned and cleaned the former Miracle Machine Shop at 305 N. Indiana Ave, near Aspen Street. 

  • Man arrested after alleged attack on pregnant girlfriend

    CARYVILLE—A Caryville man was booked at the Campbell County Jail for the 15th time after allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend and the officer who came to her aid.
    Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Joshua Jeffers answered a domestic assault call and met with the victim at the end of Kennedy Lane. The pregnant victim told Jeffers that Kevin Lynn Wilson, 35, 535 Park Road, Caryville, struck her in the face and on the back of the head with his fist, reports indicated.

  • Miller named board chair of school board

    JACKSBORO—Rector Miller has gone from openly opposing Director of Schools Donnie Poston to sitting at his right hand.
    Miller, who was elected to the board in 2010, was nominated to serve as school board chairman by Danny Wilson. Scott Hill. Mike Orick and Homer Rutherford cast dissenting votes.
    2012-13 board chairman Josh Parker was absent.
    Johnny Creekmore was elected to serve another year as vice-chairman with Orick casting the only no vote.
    Board of education chairmen are elected each school year.

  • Lessons from my grandmother

    If you could take the totality of fair and lovely, with a side order of grace and class, you would have my grandmother. Watching her from afar with my fluffy bangs and side ponytail, sitting on a seat boosted by old JCPenney catalogs growing up, I always knew she was a woman of influence.  
    There are a few things in life, rules that I follow, that have shaped the woman I have become, and the grown up I am still becoming. Wise ideals such as:

  • Bojangles to open LaFollette franchise as early as December

    LaFOLLETTE—Bojangles is looking to open a franchise here.
    “We hope to have it open by the end of December,” said Michael White, a representative from the Charlotte-based company, at the LaFollette City Council meeting.
    The new franchise will be located on Jacksboro Pike across from Murphy’s Express.
    Councilmember Stephanie Grimm asked White when the project would begin.
    “We’ve already started,” he said.
    The Bojangles will employ 40 to 50 people, White said.