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  • Candidates disclose amounts spent

    April 12 brought another deadline for candidates in the 2010 election.

    They were asked to file another round of financial disclosures.

    While this stack was heftier than the previous filing, the reports indicate many candidates are still spending below $1,000 per quarter.

    The forms asked candidates to disclose any expenditure of their campaigns that exceed $1,000. Along with this, candidates are required to reveal any financial obligations exceeding $1,000, according to state campaign law.

  • Bolton arrested for possession

    A Speedwell man got a police style wake-up call last week when he was found passed out in a basement.

    On April 13 LaFollette Police Officer Pamela Jarrett went to a Rose Hill Drive residence in search of a male with outstanding felony warrants.

    Upon her arrival, Jarrett discovered the door to the home’s walk-in basement was open allowing her to observe a male laying on a bed.

    The man, identified as Jeremy E. Bolton, 28, of 5857 Old Highway 63, allegedly appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic, according to Jarrett’s report.

  • Coker arrested on multiple charges

    A trip to a local convenience store turned into a trip to jail for Wayne Curtis Coker.  

    Last Wednesday off-duty LaFollette Police Officer Jason Marlow was inside the downtown Shell station when Coker, 24, of 1180 Whitman Hollow Road, entered the store and allegedly appeared to be unsteady on his feet.

    Marlow reported observing Coker taking an item from the store and placing it inside his shorts before attempting to exit the business.

  • Jellico discusses paving projects and skate park; waits on other business

    Paving projects topped the agenda at Thursday night’s mayor and aldermen meeting in Jellico.

    Though there were several other items on the agenda, most of the issues were placed on hold until other members of the board could be present, according to Jellico Mayor Forster Baird.

    “We’re going to hold off on these other items until Mike (Johnson) can be here,” Baird said.  After marking several items on hold, Baird launched into a brief discussion on upcoming paving projects.

  • Free Red Cross classes slated for May and June

    Disaster is all around.

    With reports of calamity both natural and manmade invading the news daily learning how to prepare for what seems to be the inevitable seems to make good sense.

    Fortunately Campbell County has not been the recent victim of catastrophe, but in the wake of a winter filled with snow, treacherous driving conditions and power outages a group of area residents is working to make sure the county has resources in place should disaster strike here.

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