Today's News

  • Forgiveness may never happen

    Teresea Jones wears the pain of losing her son on her face.

    When she talks about him, Michael Jones, tears form in her eyes and her bottom lip quivers. It is a pain that any parent can relate to and one they all pray they will never feel.

    But she isn’t that fortunate.

  • Jury says ‘guilty’ of lesser charge

    After eight hours of deliberations a jury said Louis Bargy was guilty of homicide. The panel of 12 agreed Bargy had been criminally negligent when he was driving the truck that struck Michael Jones in July 2010.

    They also said he was guilty of filing a false police report and tampering with evidence.

    In a trial that lasted three days with numerous witnesses recounting their involvement in the case it came down to degrees of responsibility.

  • Marine thefts are linked to Bowman, Gross

    Some people collect books, others stamps but not Meade Bowman. He collects book ins at the county jail.

    Last week he garnered his 19th one in six years.

    Bowman, 23, 523 Shoreline Circle, LaFollette, was arrested on charges he stole nearly $5,000 worth of goods from an area marine store.

    Anthony Jerome Gross, 29, 922 West Elm Street, LaFollette was also charged in thefts. It was his 17th book in 11 years.

  • Officers round up pot plants

    Local marijuana growers have been getting some unwanted help with their harvest this week.

    In an effort to keep the homegrown drug from hitting the streets the Governor’s Marijuana Eradication Task Force along with members of the LaFollette Police Department and Campbell County Sheriff’s Department began seeking out the illegal crops on Monday. With help from the eyes in the skies CCSD Chief Deputy Jonathan Finley said the group cut down around 300 plants in the Jellico area on its first day out.

  • Church news Aug. 25, 2011

     Coolidge First Baptist will be having homecoming service on Aug 28 at 10:30 a.m. Homecoming dinner will be served.

    Trinity Lutheran Church invites anyone who is interested in learning about the Lutheran faith to attend classes beginning this fall. Classes will be held monthly on the first and third Sundays at the Wedding Chapel, 103 S. Sixth Street, For more information, please call 563-9742.

  • The Connection gives LaFollette children a place to go after school

     For the past seven years, several area churches have combined efforts to minister to kids and parents in LaFollette through an after school program called The Connection.

    “It’s really meant to be an outreach program for parents who struggle with child care,” Connection adult leader Tom Painter said.

    The Connection meets after every school day at Indiana Avenue Baptist Church as part of a ministry of Camp Galilee. The program is free for the parents it reaches out to, and is run off of donations, Fran Painter said.

  • Tip leads to large amount of pot and pills

    Reports of drug activity led authorities to a cache of marijuana, pills and cash last week.

    Around 10:45 a.m. last Friday detectives with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department went to the home of J.C. Ward, 65, at 153 Ward Lane, to investigate reports of illegal activity.

    While at the residence Detectives John Long, Brandon Elkins, Freddie White, Jason Henegar and Chief Deputy Jonathan Finley located 62 marijuana plants growing out back by a shed on the property.

  • We cannot comprehend God’s great love


    There seems to be so many people today who are worried and fretful about so many things. There are things in life that to weigh us down and concern us. Be sure if you alive and breathing, you will at some point in your life have sickness, heartache, and feel despair. We are humans and these things come to all at some point in our life.

    I am so thankful for the opportunity to tell you there is hope and you can claim this hope if you trust in Christ.

  • State Comptroller to make stop in Campbell County

    Next week county officials and citizens will get an inside look at what makes the state’s budget work. And more importantly how it impacts local spending.

    According to State Representative Dennis Powers, Comptroller Justin Wilson will be making several stops across the county beginning at 7:30 a.m. on Aug. 30.

  • Fontana arrested on drug charges

    After insisting she did not steal her mother’s medication a Jellico woman made more trouble for herself on Sunday.

    Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Marlow was called to 103 Shady Cove Lane, Jellico, to investigate reports that Jamie Fontana, 40, of 1253 Caroll Street, Jellico, had stolen prescription drugs from her mother.

    While speaking with the officers Fontana allegedly took several pill bottles out of her purse as well as Suboxone patches.