• Luck of the Irish

    "If he is born after midnight, he will be born on St. Patrick’s Day,” the nurse smiled, then gently closed the heavy wooden door to my labor and delivery room. I flashed a weak and nervous smile and sighed. He was not supposed to be here yet. We had already been warned that he could have a collapsed lung or spend days in the NICU. 

    He was not due until mid-April, yet here we were, ready to welcome to the world our first son. 

  • The time for closure has come

     Last week’s ruling from the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals in the Kenneth Bartley case wasn’t news- so to speak. What it was and still is disruptive and upsetting.

    Pleas are meant to bring closure and allow people to move forward.

    Bartley’s plea has done nothing of the sort. Instead it has been a legal volleyball from the moment it was entered.

    Seated in the jury box that day watching the 15- year- old Bartley agree he was guilty of fatally shooting Ken Bruce and wounding Jim Pierce and Gary Seals, I was concerned. 

  • Board of education members should take heed of their responsibilities

    The outpouring of support for Campbell County Director of Schools Donnie Poston has been moving to say the least.

    At last week’s special called meeting many members of the community turned out in support of the embattled Poston. They rallied behind him in a show of support or force depending on where you fall on the issue of his contract renewal.

    But why did it come to this?

    The answer is simple. Some things never change.

  • Behind the scenes at last week’s meeting

    It’s been no secret that Donnie Poston’s contract is a hot topic in the county right now.

  • Are elected and appointed officials held to different standards?

    The city of LaFollette seems to be a land without consequences.

    From avoiding the most basic of traffic laws to wrecking a city owned vehicle those employed by the city and elected or appointed to serve LaFollette seem to be above consequences.

    In recent months the LaFollette City Court traffic judge Wes Hatmaker was arrested for driving on a suspended license. He immediately owned up to not having a license, which he should have done because it had been suspended for 14 years.

  • You are Never Too Old for Tickles


  • Be careful what you say

     You see coverage of elected and appointed officials speaking disrespectfully to one another every week. Now, there’s finally been an instance of disrespect that needs more attention because Campbell County’s residents need to know how one school board member chose to insult a principal.

  • Times are tough all over

    Jellico and Caryville are opposite sides of the same financially  irresponsible coin.

    Jellico is broke.

    A look at their books quickly reveals the town is basically living paycheck to paycheck- so to speak. An influx of property tax has eased the financial tension to a degree but it by no means has alleviated the problem. The town has no reserve funds so what will happen when the property taxes dry up?

  • So who’s face are ya’ll putting on the new five-dollar bill?

    It turns out there are several individuals in this country who want their individual states to secede from the union and strike out alone.

    Even in Tennessee, there are enough signatures on a petition to warrant a response from the White House.

    Secession is not a viable or intelligent solution to any problem this country may or may not be facing. 

  • Nothing gold can stay