• Cieslak won’t be mother of the year

    Wanda Cieslak.

    That name has been on the lips of a many people lately.

    Cieslak is charged with killing her newborn son. His body was found days later in a garbage bag.

    Looking at a first-degree murder charge along with an aggravated child abuse charge Cieslak’s future seems pretty grim.

    But at least she has one.

    That is more that can be said for her son.

    I realize Cieslak has yet to be tried much less convicted of any crime. So saying she is guilty of murder is premature.

  • Much ado about nothing

     Since coming to work at the LaFollette Press, I have had the opportunity to cover different types of stories.

    This has included local government. It has been a learning experience.

    One unfortunate side to this job, however, is conflict does sometimes arise. At times, people are reluctant to answer my questions. Occasionally they appear to believe reporters are out to get them. This is not true.

  • We must learn to let go of anger and bitterness

    As many of you know we had a son who was murdered in August 1984.

    The past 27 years has not always been easy for our family because of the grief and pain this radical loss has brought into our lives.  Not only for my husband and I but for his young wife Cindy.

    Bobby was only 24 years old at the time of his death.

  • ‘Everything is going to be just fine’

    Everything is going to be just fine.

    I learned that phrase when I was in my early 20s and was embarking on a social work career.

    Sue Nance, who at the time was the director of the Community Services Agency, saw fit to hire a fresh crop of college graduates to work with at-risk children. Under the edict of state government, we were often given what seemed to be unobtainable goals. Each time this happened, Sue would smile and say, “Everything is going to be just fine.” It became our mantra.

    And most of the time she was right.

  • The long and winding road

    Campbell County has a road problem and there’s no easy solution.

    Since I began covering the county commission in 2007 there has been an almost continuous stream of residents at the meetings imploring the board to do something about the condition of their roads.

    It didn’t take me long to figure out we have a bunch of roads and not much money to fix them.

  • Jellico’s political landscape has limited host of players

       The political circle can be a small one. However, it seems in Jellico that circle is growing smaller and more exclusive by the day.

    Don’t believe me? Just ask the former board members of the Jellico Electric and Water System, Terry Basista and Mike Betherum.

  • Jellico power board appears to be on a power trip

     The Jellico Board of Mayor and Aldermen has been able to accomplish several things since being elected last November.

    It passed a balanced budget and paved streets. The board did this without raising taxes. There are personalities in that administration with a lot of ambition and enthusiasm to get things done.

    But this has caused some problems since the members of the municipal board have become the utility board.

  • Do The Right Thing Anyway

    When Mother Theresa spoke, people listened.

  • Crime hits home

    Wednesdays at the LaFollette Press can be stressful.

    That is the day we put the newspaper together. So needleless to say when the day is over, we are exhausted.

    Last Wednesday was no different. It had been a protracted day that had its share of problems.

    But when I arrived home I learned the problems weren’t over.

    When I pulled onto the carport, I immediately noticed something was wrong. The grill was no longer blocking the door to the utility room and there was more space on the carport.

    Then it hit me.

  • Making a bad situation worse

    A few weeks ago I wrote a column about making choices and living in glass houses.

    As the events surrounding the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department unfolded last week those words have resonated with me.

    And even with the details that have been released we still don’t have all of the information from that night. Despite this Jonathan Finley and Jason Henegar have already been charged, tried, convicted and punished by a great number of people.

    Shame on those of you who have done this.