• From the Mountain

    Swallowing pride removes barriers to good things


    “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (1 Peter 5:5).

  • The ramifications of selling narcotics

       I have received several inquiries about last week’s surplus auction that was held in the Grace Rehabilitation parking lot.

    To start with it was very well attended. In my estimation we had over 500 people turn out to either bid or just view the vehicles and various other items the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department had on the auction block.

    We sold over 30 vehicles that had been seized as a result of narcotics and DUI operations conducted by the sheriff’s department.

  • Representatives conclude a history-making legislative session

    Recently, the House wrapped up one of the most successful legislative sessions in Tennessee history. The first legislative Session of the 107th General Assembly was focused on passing common sense initiatives to aid both immediate and long-term economic development in Tennessee’s private sector. This is part five of the five-part series.

    Representatives Pass Tort Reform to Create Jobs

  • From the Mountain

    From The Mountain by Mark J. Tidwell


    My nephew Matthew, his girlfriend Stephanie, and I went huckleberry pickin’ in anticipation of having huckleberry pie for the Fourth of July.  Huckleberries are small, elusive, and packed full of flavor.  It takes a heck of a lot of picking to get a quart of the not-much-bigger-than-BB sized berries.

  • Family event stirs new appreciation

     I wonder why there are just some things people are incapable of understanding until they reach adulthood. When I say “people” I’m really more specifically referring to myself.

    For instance, when I was growing up I knew my parents loved me. But I had no clue how much. The truth is the knowledge of the intensity of a mother’s love for her children completely escaped me until I was face to face with my very own child.

    Now that I’m older I’m finding there are other things that passed over my head during my youth.

  • In My Perfect World

  • The yard that couldn’t get mowed

      On Sunday I mowed my yard.

    Big deal- right?

    It is for me. Let me give you a rundown of my attempts to mow this approximately half acre of land.

    But first I have to take you back to my youth.

    When I was around 14-years-old my Dad thought it was time I learned to drive the riding lawn mower. My sister, who is two years younger, had already been mowing for a few years. So on a hot summer afternoon Dad gave me a brief overview of the gears and such.

  • Representatives conclude a history-making legislative session

      Job growth a major focus of the conservative majority

    House leaders applaud jobs4tn plan

    Showing their mutual commitment to paving the way for job creation in the private sector, House leaders welcomed news of the Jobs4TN plan presented by the Administration.

  • From the Mountain

    From The Mountain

    Mark J. Tidwell

  • Knowing is half the battle

      In the newspaper business it is rarely necessary to go looking for trouble. Instead trouble almost always has a way of finding us.

    Whether it’s the latest meth lab, the alleged misconduct of a school system employee or a kid getting left on the bus-those stories always make their way to us.