Today's Opinions

  • Always take time to smell the roses

    I was watching the news this past week and something rather grave was brought to my attention.

    Four major newspapers went out of business. I overheard someone at the store say they always read news on the Internet instead of the newspaper itself, because it’s quicker, saves time and prevents them from having to buy a copy since they can just read it and go for free.

  • Barack Obama: Change America Can’t Afford

    Its official:  The economy now belongs to Barack Obama.  

    No more blaming Bush, no more blaming Republicans.  With the passage of the Stimulus bill Obama has now taken ownership of the American economy, for better or for worse.

    The recent passage of the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 showed that the change promised by both Obama and Congressional Democrats is the kind of change that America can’t afford at this particular time in our history.  

  • Tonight’s special- fried goldfish

    We had a fish fry of sorts at my house Sunday night.

    Unfortunately it wasn’t the kind that involved having friends over, cracking open a few cold beverages and just hanging out. No, it was very different.

    See on Friday I bought two goldfish for my kids. Including the bowl, food, chemicals to treat the water and the fish, this was about a $15 investment.

  • Will you be my valentine?

    Will you be my valentine?

     Isn’t that the question that most people were asking someone they love, or care about when Feb. 14 came around?

    We try to express our love through cards, flowers, candy, jewelry and many other ways to let special people in our lives know that we love them.

    Everyone has his or her own way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. I only hope all the money that was spent and all the effort that went into it came from true and sincere hearts.

    I can’t stand for good people to be manipulated.

  • Money, Money, Money

    According to a recent report from Jerome Corsi at World Net Daily, when one adds together all of our current debt obligations including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid we now have a total national debt of $65.5 trillion.  This is larger than the GDP of the entire world.  That means that it would take the yearly output of every country in the world to equal the amount of our current debt.

  • Heroes are everywhere

    Major League pitcher Bill Lee once said, “Society tends to find its heroes in the most obvious arenas, and I don't regard that as a healthy thing. We should find our heroes in the bathroom mirror each and every morning.”

    When you were in school, who did you see as a hero? Was it the captain of the football team? Was it a cheerleader? Perhaps, it was one of the popular young people whose very presence radiated a room?  

    When I was a kid growing up, my heroes were quite different.

  • Change for the good is a difficult concept

    While writing a final story for the Jellico Advanced Sentinel this week, I was struck with a deep sadness to see it go.

    Like many before me, I have worked tirelessly to write compelling stories for the area, carrying on the tradition of the Jellico news.

    Interviewing Jellico Fire Chief Gary Troxell was one of my first endeavors at the LaFollette Press. Him and others who I have met along the way are all amazing people.