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  • Letters to editor July 7, 2011


    LaFollette Press:

    Thank you to all who played a significant part in making the recent Cove Lake 5K race a tremendous success:

  • Family event stirs new appreciation

     I wonder why there are just some things people are incapable of understanding until they reach adulthood. When I say “people” I’m really more specifically referring to myself.

    For instance, when I was growing up I knew my parents loved me. But I had no clue how much. The truth is the knowledge of the intensity of a mother’s love for her children completely escaped me until I was face to face with my very own child.

    Now that I’m older I’m finding there are other things that passed over my head during my youth.

  • In My Perfect World

  • editorial Cartoon July 7,2011
  • letters to editor June 30, 2011


    LaFollette Press:

    Norris Lake Mopar Club would like to offer a big thank you to Cove Lake State Park, Food City, Food Lion, Sandy’s Custom Auto, the LA Cruizers and the over 75 participants who came to our Cruise In on May 21 and donated items to benefit Food Life Services of Campbell County. A special thank you to Jr. Ogg who stayed all day and provided our music; also to Katie’s who provided a great variety of food items. The contributions made by everyone, including our members, made this day a great success.


  • The yard that couldn’t get mowed

      On Sunday I mowed my yard.

    Big deal- right?

    It is for me. Let me give you a rundown of my attempts to mow this approximately half acre of land.

    But first I have to take you back to my youth.

    When I was around 14-years-old my Dad thought it was time I learned to drive the riding lawn mower. My sister, who is two years younger, had already been mowing for a few years. So on a hot summer afternoon Dad gave me a brief overview of the gears and such.

  • Editorial Cartoon June 30, 2011
  • letters to editor June 23, 2011


    LaFollette Press,

    I want to thank Sandy Day of Sandy’s Custom Auto for the work he and his staff recently performed on the county’s DARE car. The wrap that can now be seen on the car was donated, as was the labor, by Sandy, his family and his staff.

    As our DARE program looks to start its second year this will be an added bonus for the students.

    Sheriff Robbie Goins




    LaFollette Press: