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  • Representative Dennis Powers Weekly Wrap May 9 –13

    Job-creating tort reforms pass the house by wide margin

    Legislation that caps non-economic damage awards at $750,000 and at $1 million in cases where victims suffer certain catastrophic injuries was given final approval by the House on Monday.

    The bill is a central focus of the majority’s legislative agenda. State Rep. Dennis Powers, a co-sponsor of the bill, believes these reforms will bring stability to the legal environment companies have to account for when considering relocation to Tennessee or doing business here.

  • Editorial Cartoon May 19, 2011
  • Letters to editor May 12, 2011


    LaFollette Press:

    This letter is to say thanks to all who participated in the Rotary/Chamber Golf Tournament at Deerfield last Wednesday, May 4. The funds generated through the benevolence of team and hole sponsors and the good sportsmanship of the golfers who weathered unseasonable chilliness, will assist Rotarians in numerous projects, including the eradication of Polio world-wide. As usual, Campbell County businesses and individuals came through with shining colors.


  • House of Representatives Representative Dennis Powers Weekly Wrap May 2–6

       Powers co-sponsors resolution calling on Congress to follow Tennessee’s balanced budget plan

    As the free-spending ways of Washington sink our nation further into debt, one Representative guided a resolution to passage that calls on Congress to follow Tennessee’s model.

  • editorial Cartoon May 12, 2011
  • Letters to Editor May 5, 2011


    LaFollette Press:

    As I listen to reports of the elimination of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, it occurs to me that the brilliantly planned and executed mission to do so was carried out by a joint military force operation and the CIA, in which we take great pride. Campbell County should also take pride in the one who was the principal architect of these joint Special Forces, General Carl W. Stiner. We thank you, General Stiner.

    Don Kay


  • IN MY PERFECT WORLD -Auto Mechanics and Such

    “Found rodents had been chewing on wiring . . . (and had to) replace mass air flow sensor and connector . . . $499.61.”

    This is what my car’s service bill said, unfortunately. Apparently the modern car won’t run without an air flow sensor and, just in general, doesn’t take kindly to invading rodents.

  • I Hate Meth and You Should Too

    Who could have ever imagined that someone could take a cold medication, break it down and add other chemicals that one would never put in their body and formulate a drug that could ruin their lives and those that come in contact with them?

    First of all, who has that much time?

    Secondly, why wouldn’t they use their time in a productive manner?  These, of course, are rhetorical questions. Most of these meth “cookers” are a product of our “womb to the tomb” welfare state we have created.