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  • Another View

    Picture this:  you wake up one morning and everything seems perfect. Your paycheck is more than you thought it would be, your car runs right for a change, and you enter your favorite store to buy that thing you always wanted that you never quit talking about.

    You walk through the front door and then, without warning, it happens. You see “them.” You know who “them” is. “Them” is that he or she that did something so catastrophic, and made life horrible for you. What’s worse is they see you in return. So, what do you do?

  • Editorial Cartoon
  • Time to quit playing the blame game

    Some people just can’t catch a break- especially if your name is Jenny Siler and you live in Campbell County. At least that was the tale woven by attorney for hire Herb Moncier on Monday.

    As he and Siler made yet another appearance in criminal court Moncier used a fair mix of drama and legalese in attempt to keep his client on the outside of the jail.

  • Evaluation of Martin appeared to lack creditability

    Oscar Wilde once said the two biggest tragedies in are not getting what you want and getting what you want.

    It appears that is the case with the Campbell County Board of Education and Dr. Michael Martin, director of schools.

    Last week’s evaluation of his performance was brutal.

    I am not sure why a man who improved the county’s two high schools to the point they are no longer at risk of a state take over was asked immediately if he wanted to resign. Where I come from, that is just rude.

  • Pressing Issues

    Have you looked in the mirror lately?

    Try it sometime soon.

    Are you happy with what you see? Or do you note a flaw or two you might need to work on?

    Such is the case with your friends here at The Press.

    We look in the mirror every day – make that day and night; weekends and holidays included.

    Whether we like it or not: it is our job to mirror the community in which we live, work and play.

  • The best is yet to come

    Two weeks ago, I was going through a very stressful time in my life, and I decided to actually get up early to go walking. Grant it, I’m by no means a morning person.  

    I’m what I like to call a “secret morning person”.

    A secret morning person is someone who isn’t an early riser and doesn’t whistle merrily as they jump out of bed before getting their day started at 7 a.m. It’s someone who may be extremely sleepy-headed, yet isn’t sleepy enough appreciate the beauty of the morning atmosphere.  

  • Editorial Cartoon
  • The party of no

    Liza Minnelli once sang that „life is a cabaret old chum, life is a cabaret.” It’s true that “all the world’s a stage.” Ancient Greek philosophers agreed that politics is a theatrical performance, played out before the large audience of mankind. Modern man is Virtual Man: much of what we think is the product of what we see.