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  • Serving the citizens means standing up for what’s right

      I, like many people, was surprised to discover Jellico was abolishing its utility board last week. Not for misappropriating funds or any other act of shortcoming, rather the board of mayor and aldermen are trying to control the utility company in the best interest of its customers.

  • Weekly Wrap Up

     Republican leaders set legislative agenda


    Republican leaders joined the governor Thursday at a press conference to announce the specific proposals of their legislative package and detailed the priorities of the House, Senate and new Administration.

    The package focuses on two core messages of educating a highly trained workforce: one that will attract high quality jobs and identify the best teachers and creating an environment that keeps in the classrooms across the state.

  • Letters to the Editor Feb. 24, 2011


    LaFollette Press:

    I am looking for the parents and siblings of Ida Wright Goans. Ida was born and married in Anderson County to James Goans, came to LaFollette in early 1900, divorced in 1913 but stayed here until 1925. Who were her parents? Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Please contact me at (865)436-4536 or email GRConnor@aol.com.

    Charlotte Connor





    LaFollette Press:

  • editorial Cartoon Feb. 24, 2011
  • Memories surface as walls come down

     I am not prone to sentimentality or walks down memory lane.

    However, on Monday I found myself pulled in that direction. I had gone to take some pictures of the demolition of East LaFollette Elementary School.

    As I walked around the building where my education began, I could hear the laughter of my classmates and me still echoing from years ago. I also heard our occasional whines.

  • Faithful Words
  • Editorial Cartoon for Feb. 17
  • McNeeley calls for action


    LaFollette Press:

    I am so proud of Toby Young and Jonathan LuAllen for taking action. Shame on you Mr. Business Owner; shame on you public officials; shame on you Mr. Lawyer; shame on you church leaders; shame on every member of this community who could have given but did not.