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  • Editorial Cartoon March 24, 2011
  • Letters to the Editor March 24, 2011


    LaFollette Press:

    I recently had car trouble and went to a local car dealership to have my car scanned. I paid $79 plus tax to have my car scanned for an hour and was then told that I needed two small parts and the throttle body cleaned.

    Their estimate to do this work was $657. They also attempted to add an additional “miscellaneous charge” for the scan, but I avoided having to pay this. I suppose this was the “female walking into a car dealership by herself” charge.

  • Letters to the Editor March 17, 2011


    LaFollette Press:

    I want to thank Susan Sharp for the very timely article in the Press on March 3, “Mistakes today will shape a child’s tomorrow.”

    There is nothing more delicate or more helpless than a child. Especially if they aren’t cared for and protected by their mother or a very caring person. If they spend their life being neglected, abused or worse, they most often will think this is how it is supposed to be. Doesn’t give them much of a plan for their life- children often imitate what they see.

  • Don’t let the sun go down

       This is Sunshine Week.

    For the average citizen this might go by unnoticed. However, for journalists it is a time we observe the public’s right to know how their governmental agencies are operating.

    Without an open records law and open meetings law governments could operate sans public scrutiny.

  • Shining the light on this week



    Newspapers mounted “Sunshine Sunday” -- a campaign reminding Floridians of the high level of openness they enjoyed, highlighting the benefits of government transparency and detailing potential consequences of the proposals. Only a few passed.

  • Commissioner's Corner

    Commissioners’ Corner

    Welcome to the Commissioners’ Corner.  This will be a monthly column prepared by your County Commission and published, at no cost, by the local newspapers in the last edition of each month.  This column will be used for informative purposes only and does not intend to stress any point of view.  If you have a particular item you would like to discuss, please contact Peggy at the commission office at 562-9961.

  • Editorial Cartoon March 17, 2011
  • LaFollette Library News

    LaFollette Public Library News – March 3, 2011



    Tax Services Being Provided


    Tax filing through the services of AARP is still available at the LaFollette Public Library.  This is a free service conducted every Thursday morning and is by appointment only.  No walk-ins will be accepted.  You must call 562-5154 for an appointment.  All the available slots have been filled, but we are trying to work everyone in that calls.  So if you need your taxes filed, be sure to call the library.