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    LaFollette Press:

    I sit, mouth wide open, heart wrenching, tears trailing down my cheek after reading your story regarding the abused toddler Peyton Douglas What a horrific world we live in that breeds such inhumane members as those "parents" admittedly responsible for this heinous crime, as well as those responsible for their sentencing.... six and 10 years respectively with only 30 percent to serve and credit for time already served.  Are you kidding me?  

  • Today’s mistakes will shape the rest of your children’s lives

    In the last few months a number of child abuse cases have been resolved in criminal court.

    The resolution in these cases has been nearly identical. 

    The mother has received prison time while the male accused in the case received a lighter sentence.

    In all of these cases the man accused wasn’t the father of the abused child. Instead it was a boyfriend, paramour, lover, whatever label you want to put on him- he was somebody the mother just allowed into the life of her child.

    Ladies it is time to wake up.

  • Safer communities come with training

     Keeping the community safe goes beyond patrolling the roads and making arrests. It means having a fully trained staff of deputies.

    Since taking office in September, I have made training a priority for the officers at the sheriff’s department.

    I am proud to say that in six months we have had officers attend six various schools.

  • New VA support line provides important assistance to caregivers

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is increasing its support to caregivers with a new, toll-free telephone line for the caregivers of Veterans of all eras.

    “The families and loved ones who care for severely injured Veterans deserve the highest level of support,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “At VA, we consider them important partners in our efforts to care for and rehabilitate our nation’s heroes.”

  • In my perfect world

    What are the essentials of life? 

    Food, water, shelter . . . ?   Neighbors, according to a little girl answering this question in children’s church. 

    Being raised a city child is to grow up with neighbors. You can’t help but be aware of those people living 20 feet from your side porch or straight across the street from your front door. But we not only knew who our neighbors were then, we actually were friends with them . . . some lifelong, like-family friends. 

  • Serving the citizens means standing up for what’s right

      I, like many people, was surprised to discover Jellico was abolishing its utility board last week. Not for misappropriating funds or any other act of shortcoming, rather the board of mayor and aldermen are trying to control the utility company in the best interest of its customers.