Today's Opinions

  • What makes a story?

    Journalists are always looking to land the exclusive interview.

    We all want to sit down with the “It” person of the moment and garner  details that no one else has uncovered.

    It seems that no matter how outrageous, wicked or just plain stupid someone acts there is a journalist waiting to interview them.

    So, being a journalist, when Phillip Pack began talking to me last week at his murder trial I stopped to listen, until I heard what he was saying.

  • “The United Soviet States of America”

    The word socialism has come up a lot in our political debate over the last year.

    Perhaps you’ve noticed whenever a commentator has used this term, usually in context of some new Obama initiative, there’s nervous laughter and awkward gestures of embarrassment. Ever wonder why?  Let’s take a look at the definition:

  • A vote for dignity

    Thomas Hobbes, a 16th century English philosopher, famously said that life is “poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

    For much of the human existence, Hobbes’s observation hit the nail on the head; human life, as wonderful as it is, was, and remains today, overshadowed by cruelty.

  • Easter memories possess so much more

    Easter is by far one of my favorite times of the year.

    Although the religious significance of the season is a big part of why I love this time of year, it’s also the feeling in the atmosphere that excites me. The smell of hyacinths and honeysuckles that fill the warm, sun-kissed air and the vibrant colors that can’t help but make you feel at ease in the midst of personal storms.

  • Editorial cartoon
  • Justice center gets go ahead - again

    At Monday night’s county commission meeting the group agreed to move forward with a justice center. That is great.

    But let’s be honest we have been here before.

    In fact, many times before. The last three budget cycles have all had allocations for a new justice center.

    Why the hold ups and hold offs?

    It could be any number of reasons. From the commission’s apprehension about borrowing money to some feeling ambivalent about taking care of criminals the delays have happened.

  • Me and my St. Patty’s Day dog

    Let me start by saying I am a cat lover. I always have been. They’re neat, require little attention and basically fend for themselves; they’re more like extended stay house guests that you only occasionally have to entertain.

    What more could you want in a pet right?

    Well recently that all changed when I adopted a white German Shepherd puppy named Rosa Barks and believe me when I say that -Rosa barks!

    In the few short months that I have owned her, this dog has utterly turned my life upside down.

  • Silence speaks volumes at council meeting

    Shortly after the current LaFollette City Council was elected rumblings began that it could be a difficult group to work for.

    That statement could be said about nearly every elected body. However, as the months have passed the council has taken what began as speculation and given it a fair amount of credibility.

    But last week’s out of the blue chastising of fire chief Gary Byrd was dreadful. I will give the council some credit for not instigating the conflict. Nonetheless it gets a failing grade for not defending a long time city employee.