Today's Opinions

  • From a brother to his sister on her wedding day

    Today started out as just another day.

    Too many bills to pay, too many errands to run, and not enough of me to go around. Then, everything seemed to stop as I received your phone call telling me that you’re getting married.

    Just so I wouldn’t forget, I stopped everything and circled your special day on my office calendar. This is a happy, yet nerve-racked moment for you, I‘m sure.

  • Taking the 10th Amendment

    No, not the 5th – the 10th.  

    The Tenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States provides protection to the states from encroachment by the federal government.  The federal government has become more and more involved in our everyday lives from the college football bowls to the compulsory low-flush toilet bowls in our home.

  • Don't try this at home

    Who needs to travel to Canada for the Winter Olympics? Especially with all the snow that we’ve been having right here in East Tennessee lately? We can have some winter games right here in our own back yard. Or at least that’s what my friends and I thought last week when we decided to invent an extreme winter sport of our own-snow canoeing.

  • I really hate snow!

    My fellow journalists Jennifer Caldwell and Charlotte Underwood have pounded out columns this year sharing their new found enthusiasm for snow. I suppose I could follow suit.

    But, I won’t.

    Nope not me.

    I have enough of this white powdery, slushy stuff to last me at least the next 10 winters.

    That’s right. I am going on record- I can't stand snow.

  • This too shall eventually pass, only if you let it

    Christian author and motivational speaker Barbara Johnson once said, “When you’re in a jam, good friends will bring you bread with peanut butter on it.”

    This week’s story was inspired by two friends who are currently going through two separate and very hard times in their lives. To them, my heart goes out to them and they‘re in my prayers always. And my heart goes out to you, dear reader, if your life has unexpectedly been turned upside down. If that be the case, this week’s story is for you, too.

  • Editorial Cartoon
  • Do I still hate snow?

    I hate snow.

    Sounds harsh I know, but that’s just the way it is.  

    I don’t really remember when these feelings of loathing started. Maybe it was when my parents moved me to the frozen tundra of the mid-west, and I spent four and a half years slogging through the snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures at the University of Nebraska.