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  • The Color of Winter

    ‘As a people, we no longer know the earth we come from, have no respect for it, (and) keep no responsibilities to it’—Wendell Berry, The Unsettling of America

  • Ten resolutions to live by

    Number 1. First, I resolve to make the most of 2010; to live and to do it quite well, despite where I may be in life. If my life isn’t perfect, at least no one can say I’m not living it to the best of my ability.

    Number 2. I resolve to not get too worked up if I’m having a bad day. Instead of having bad days, I’m going to step back and realize things and people aren’t worth my anger. It doesn’t have to do with me; it all has to do with them.

  • It really is the most wonderful time of the year

    Earlier this week, my last hall was finally decked, the final Christmas present was wrapped and waiting patiently under my tree full of gold and ribbon, and the last batch of Christmas cookies and tall glass of milk awaits Santa in a huge tin next to my fireplace.  

    With everything going on, the memories of previous Christmases take me back to a happier time in my childhood. I can’t help but think how everything was beautiful and you felt like anything could happen. How awesome Dec. 25 always was.

  • Yes, Tennessee, There is a Constitution

    Dear Santa,

    Are you still at the North Pole? Are you floating on a piece of ice with all of the polar bears because of global warming? How is Mrs. Claus?  Is she a good swimmer?  

    I’ve been a good boy all year. I live in Tennessee and I watch the news on TV all the time.  

    I’ve been told not to use the word Christmas any more because I might offend someone, so for this holiday, all I want is a copy of the U.S. Constitution. Is there still a U.S. Constitution, Santa?

  • Did anyone think to ask?

    Arlo Gurthrie sang this land is your land this land is my land.

    That is a nice concept.

    However, when it comes to changing the name of the land it really doesn’t apply.

    At Monday night’s county commission workshop a request was made to place a resolution on next week’s agenda to rename Demory Road. The new name would be the Grantsboro –Agee Parkway.

  • The greatest Christmas gift isn’t bought in a store

    Three…two…one…and they’re off!

    The doors swing wide as a stampede of eager shoppers flood the stores. Bumped-up security, the hottest toys of the season that sell out within five minutes, and several sale stickers adorn the window let me know that it’s officially Christmas.

  • 2010: The Year of the Conservative?

    As we end 2009, political junkies like me are already looking ahead at what may be in store for our country and state next year. This has been a historic year, with massive deficit spending by Congress, a president looking to nationalize our healthcare system, and the Conservative movement finding its voice again in the form of Tea Parties. With all that has happened in 2009, we begin to look and wander how 2010 will look this time next year. Some have said next year’s elections may be the most important in our country. I whole-heartedly agree with that sentiment.  

  • Editorial Cartoon