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  • Al Gore Appointed Propaganda Czar

    Denver breaks 104 year old cold temperature record as Arctic chill sets in.  

    Coldest ever first half of October in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  

    Chicago: Chilliest October in 133 years.  

    Earliest snow of record in Pennsylvania.  

    Coldest early October ever in Lincoln, Nebraska.  

    Record lows in Central Florida.  

    Record snowfall in Pocatello, Idaho.

  • Editorial Cartoon
  • Fear does expire

    Christmas has got to be mine and my family’s favorite time of the year. The second, of course, is Halloween.

    When my sisters and I were little, our mom always made sure that holidays were special even if we didn’t go “all out.” Now that we’re adults, we lavish ourselves in haunted corn mazes, pumpkin spiced coffees and simply coming together as a family.

  • Obama gets International Seal of Approval

    Last week, President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • We are all Americans

    To hear television and radio talk masters tell it—or, more often than not, yell it—America is divided neatly into two warring factions; that on either side of the ideological frontier Liberals or Conservatives lurk stealthily for the opportune moment to destroy our country and end forever the “American Way of Life.”  

  • Our lives are filled with many things

    Culinary icon and “Chocolate Madame” Elaine Sherman once said, “Your stress-free life helps you maintain a youthful disposition, both physically and mentally. So, eat lots of chocolate!”

    For the past two weeks, I’ve felt like I’ve been on the warpath.

    You know those weeks; the ones where all hell breaks loose and anything you don’t want to have happen… well, happens.

    The past two weeks were those weeks for me.

    They’ve been trying.

  • Editorial Cartoon
  • Some people never learn

    A busybody.

    Webster defines a “busybody” as a person who mixes into other people’s affairs through meddling and gossip. I just consider the whole concept as nothing but a waste of time; time should be spent uplifting a neighbor rather than telling everyone how imperfect he or she is.     

    Why do we make other people’s business our business? Why should it matter what other people do? It’s not like we’re going to have to answer for the things others do.