Today's Opinions

  • Who will get your vote?

    The next scheduled election for Campbell County officials is August 2010; that’s less than a year away.

    But it is time already that we as citizens begin thinking about the votes we will cast in that upcoming election.

    When we go into the voting booth and close the curtain behind us, what thoughts will be running through our head as we cast our votes?

    Will we be focused on the job that the person running for election did? Will we be thinking about the future of our county?

  • Tragedy leads to question

    Being the proud mother of a 7-year-old son and nearly three-year-old daughter, I thought that I had seen the last of the four hour feedings.

    But this weekend I found myself being thrown back into the four hour feedings schedule. However this time the work was four times as hard. This time I have quadruplets to attend to.

    Luckily my son finds the process fun so he helps out with one of the four who he named Izak the second, after himself.

  • From the mouths of babes

    This week’s story is spun from something that has been brought to my attention.

     Keep in mind this week’s story is solely for the purpose of the child involved in all this. Trust me, you will either love it or hate it. Again trust me, there’s no “in-between” with  this one.

    This past week, I received a knock on my door. I looked through the peephole and saw a small child standing with a pamphlet in hand. Without hesitation, I opened the door and asked what they needed.

  • Gone Like a Thief in the Night

    Our Republic is being stolen. It is being done systematically in the cover of darkness – bills that give more power to Washington and special interests and less to “we the people.”

    It is being done with radicals in Congress and the White House setting up a shadow government using czars to usurp the authority of Cabinet members and Congress.  Even Hillary has complained.

  • Happy Birthday to me

    Today is September 19th: The sun rises over the East Tennessee mountains as the early morning chill causes my covers to seem more enticing and beckoning than usual. However, the timed percolation device on my electric tea pot has other plans.

    It’s time to start my day. I stretch, let out a huge yawn, and a herd of puppy kisses force me to rise from my paralyzing slumber. I check my emails and cell phone. How nice! An array of family and close friends wish me “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

  • Conservatives Rally and Speak Truth to Obama

    It’s been a long, hot summer, politically, across the country. Americans from all walks of life, including Republicans, Independents, and Conservative Democrats have challenged politicians of all walks of political life. The catalyst, of course, has been the Obama proposal to nationalize our healthcare system, however. While healthcare has been the catalyst, Americans have showed that they are tired of out of control government spending.

  • The Conservative Bill of Rights

    For most of my politically conscious life, my conservative friends have played the same tune over and over, ad absurdum: “Keep government off my back.” Government, they say, should be kept “out of our lives.” Pundits like Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh, among many others in the Washington-bashing business, claim that government is at the root of all evil. And by the looks of things, some of these same people are now organizing against President Obama’s health care plan and singing the same anti-government song.