Today's Opinions

  • Christmas came early

    Have you ever been so excited to do something that you just couldn’t wait?

    I’m sure all of you have been there. It’s those moments when Pandora has to take a peak inside the box and the cat dies of curiosity a.k.a. you just can’t darn-well take it anymore!

  • Nancy Pelosi’s trillion dollar gamble

    Saturday nights in the fall of the year are a magical time. Whether it is attending little league football games, cheering on UT, or just spending time with your family, Saturdays tend to be more relaxing than Sunday.  

    However, this past Saturday night, in the middle of the night, Nancy Pelosi and her Liberal colleagues passed a bill they claim will reform the health care industry. The unfortunate truth is it will do nothing of the sort and could be devastating to the American economy.    

  • Life and death can go hand and hand

    American author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “The things that count most in life are the things that can‘t be counted.”

    The one thing I love about this time of year are the leaves.

    You’re probably going to disagree with me, but the one thing I find rather soothing is raking leaves into piles.

    There’s always been something about yard work that’s somewhat therapeutic.

  • Editorial Cartoon
  • What is the rush?

    We live in a fast forward society.

    We want our information now, our coffee in an instant and our packages expressed.

    This leaves me wondering- what’s the hurry?

    I question this pace even more when it comes to our children, especially our girl children.

    It seems that not only are they in a hurry to grow up, they have begun to take matters into their own hands physically forcing the hands of time forward.

    Little girls no longer look little. Older girls look even older.

  • Why America needs health care

    I am in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina, as I write this. Buenos Aires is the capital of the world’s best steaks and the one and only Tango.

  • Getting connected

    In recent months city newspapers have been tanking left and right.

    It seems like the biggest publications are barely hanging on in these times of economic uncertainty, and some of them are just plain going broke.

    In fact, I have read several stories from some of the larger news organizations about the dismal hope of future monetary gains for newsprint even after the current recession is over.

    On any given day I can see thousands of students on The University of Tennessee campus 'plugged in' to headphones and iPods and cell phones.