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  • Letters to Editor Nov. 25


    LaFollette Press:

    This letter is to say thanks to all of the folks in the community that partook of the South Campbell County Rotary Club’s annual pancake breakfast on Friday, Nov. 5. The proceeds from the breakfast will go to Rotary International and will be used to help eradicate Polio all over the world. Our club is proud of our community and the fact that so many of you show your concern for the human condition in so many ways, including support of your local Rotary Club. 


    Jeff Alpert,

  • From a Mother's Heart

    Thanksgiving should be at the heart of our celebration


    Think about how often in a day someone does something for you, however small. How often do you say thanks? Now think about how often God helps you in a day. Think about how much God has given you. How often do you say thanks to him? Thanksgiving is a celebration of the giver and the gift. We should celebrate often.

    God is not against celebration!

    He wants us to celebrate, but for the right reasons.

  • From the Mountain

    From The Mountain

    Mark J. Tidwell

    Now don’t get me wrong, fall is always a beautiful time of the year.  Some showcase super-brilliant foliage.  Others are, well, more drab, with less splash and panache.  I would have to personally rank this fall as being a little less spectacular on the scale of falls I’ve experienced. 

  • Faithful Words


    Basic training for Christians


    “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wile sof the devil” (See Ephesians 6:10-20, RSV).

  • On Higher Ground

    Little did they realize the far-reaching impact of their action


    Mom and Dad both showed up at school for the performance.

     That was a real treat.  They could see their 7-year-old son in his grand one-line role as a pilgrim at the first Thanksgiving Day feast.  We all wore elaborate costumes made with construction paper, scissors, and paste.  Since this play was being performed in the school cafeteria/auditorium, the teacher instructed each of us to slip over to the tall floor microphone to say our lines.  

  • Letters to the Editor Nov. 11


    LaFollette Press:

    The LA Cruizers Car Show winner of the Chevy Truck Drawing is Jennifer Mahar of LaFollette. We wish to extend a special thanks to our friends, Will and John at Rainbow Ford for making this possible. This is the fourth year in a row the Rainbow dealership has donated a vehicle for our show. Thanks for supporting us, hope everyone had a great time at our show, see you next year.

    James Brantley




    LaFollette Press:

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  • Editorial Cartoon Nov. 11