Today's Opinions

  • Obama's Health care plan a disaster for U.S

    Healthcare has been all the talk in our nation’s capitol the last few weeks.

  • Finding time to find myself

    The summer before college sounds like it could get pretty wild.

    It’s really the last chance you have to wreak havoc in your hometown and not take on full “adult-like” responsibility for those actions, especially if you’re under 18. Even though by this time you have graduated and have allegedly earned more respect; most people are left to think that some people just never grow up.

  • Treasure simplicity; it fades away as quickly as a firefly

    One evening while taking my puppies outside to do their, as I, and other dog owners, only know how to call it, “evening ritual,” I noticed something I hadn’t seen in a long time: A lightning bug, a.k.a. firefly, was fluttering around the backyard. Suddenly, there was another, then another, then, before I knew it, there were five altogether.

    Why did this impress me so much?

  • Back to school
  • Time for some changes- one way or another

    Lately, some officials in Campbell County have displayed behavior ranging from impractical to downright preposterous. Their conduct has risen to such a level that I wonder why they ran for office to begin with.

    An example of the unfeasible behavior was at a recent LaFollette City Council meeting. A council member made the suggestion to have an employee, who was off work due to a medical problem, conduct an investigation into a personnel matter. Essentially, the council member wanted to have someone, too ill to work, look into a stressful, highly contested, hot button issue.

  • Try to avoid cliques

    I’m not usually candid when it comes to certain personal and deep facets about my life to my readers. However, there are some things I don’t care to share with anyone, especially when they teach a valuable lesson like this one.

    When I was in my teens and early 20s, I wanted nothing more than to simply belong. I didn’t care who accepted me, just as long as I was accepted. There were those few individuals who truly made a difference in my life and I’m blessed to have known them.

  • Finding Joy in the Journey - From A Mother’s Heart

    There are two times during a lifetime when our loved ones really get our attention.

    Their birth and their death.

    Everything else is a journey in between those two events. This goes for all of us.

    We are all on a journey through life and uppermost in our minds is the final destination.

    Can you endure the journey because you know the destiny?