Today's Opinions

  • It is your choice

    A former United States President once said, “Always remember others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.”

    Before you answer the following question, keep in mind that none of us wear halos and angel wings, so by all means, be at liberty to answer honestly. Have you ever hated someone, or do you hate someone right now as we speak?

    We’ve all done this.

    I don’t care who you are.

  • Five Questions for Rep. Lincoln Davis on Healthcare Reform

    Over the last few weeks, town hall meetings have turned into demonstrations against President Obama’s nationalized healthcare reform proposals. From every corner of America, citizens are standing up to their elected leaders and expressing frustration at the role of the federal government. In fact, it’s been so intense that some elected officials have cancelled town hall meetings or not had them at all.  

  • We are all different in the same way

    What do the following have in common? Keep in mind, they could all be happening right now as we speak.

    Two middle-aged women are at a hospital. One woman is being told by her doctor that her cancer is in remission. The other woman, who’s just across the hall, is being told she has only six months to live.

  • Don't forget the blessings that surround us

    Complete this sentence: “If I was _______, then I’d truly be blessed and happy.”

    Time’s up and pencils down.

    Now, forget your answer for a moment and lend me your ears…or, in this case…eyes.

    No matter what the answer is, we’re always trying to find true happiness; that light at the end of the tunnel where life and all its oddities make perfect sense. It can span a number of topics: health and well being, building of faith, that perfect soul mate, a position as a C.E.O. with a multi-million dollar income.

  • Pulling the Plug on Healthcare

    The Cash for Clunkers program has worked so well it is broke.  The four-month program went broke in four days by giving away our tax dollars to help the auto industry it now owns.  

    So, the government that can’t run a Cash for Clunkers wants to run a government healthcare program?

    Obamacare sounds like it will take some patients off the road with, as the president calls them, those tough “life-ending” decisions that could save $500 billion in Medicare costs.