Today's Opinions

  • The first year flew by

    Everyday is something new and exciting when you have a child. I only wish the time would stop flying by.

    My first child seems like a miracle in the way he has blossomed from an awkward newborn to a beautiful boy.

  • The candidate's silence speaks volumes

    In recent weeks the Press has gotten a fair amount of criticism for our coverage of candidates seeking office in the county.

    As a response to some of the hecklers, let me start by pointing out that there are more than 100 candidates on the Aug. 5 ballot. So in reality writing an exhaustive account of each politico’s credentials is not feasible for the 2.5 people that make up our news team.

  • Spiritually Speaking

    He is the picture

    Are we abiding in Christ and looking for His return? This in on my mind so much lately. We need to keep it in our spirit and certainly share with others.

    There was a time, not very long ago we never dreamed Christian people would be under attack in America.

    Who ever dreamed a federal judge would try to make a rule that a National Day of Prayer would be unconstitutional?

  • The Price is not Right

    Geneva, Switzerland:

  • A Sharper View

    A Friday night meet and greet at the Davis Chapel Community Center saw possibly more candidates attending the event than constituents. With over 100 people vying for an office that was really an easy task to accomplish once you think about it.

    Most of the politicians seemed genuinely invested in this community. They also appeared to want it to become more solvent, educated area. Among the issues put on the table were narcotics. Many of the candidates chose to address this as a societal issue as well as a personal one.

  • Spiritually Speaking

    Have you noticed in the LaFollette Press how they list the area churches? I was so impressed, there are 127 listed. Think of all the people’s lives that could be touched for Christ. We who are so thankful, who have accepted Christ should constantly be praying for others. When we find the opportunity to plant a seed, the Holy Spirit continues to touch their heart.

  • Small Surprises

    I have learned in the past year of motherhood that you cannot plan for everything, but you can take joy in the way things turn out.

    And things turned out to bring me back to LaFollette with my growing family. I had planned a different route, but I am so happy to be back in my home and writing for the LaFollette Press again.

    This could have been a difficult transition if not for the warm welcome from the community. Many friends and avid Press readers have greeted me with open arms. It makes me feel like this path was the right one at the right time.

  • Another View

    Picture this:  you wake up one morning and everything seems perfect. Your paycheck is more than you thought it would be, your car runs right for a change, and you enter your favorite store to buy that thing you always wanted that you never quit talking about.

    You walk through the front door and then, without warning, it happens. You see “them.” You know who “them” is. “Them” is that he or she that did something so catastrophic, and made life horrible for you. What’s worse is they see you in return. So, what do you do?