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  • Editorial Cartoon Aug. 26
  • Letter to the Editor- Weed and Seed

    LaFollette Press:
    National Night Out was a huge success for our county.

  • Hope marches on

    Prayer changes things.  
    There’s no doubt about it.  
    I mean without that faith what hope do we have?
    In my 30-something years if I have learned one thing about God it’s that he always answers prayers. Sometimes his response to my petitions is yes, sometimes no and sometimes not right now. While the last reply is toughest for me it is an answer nonetheless.
    But in the waiting sometimes there is something to be said for getting out there and doing something.

  • Elected officials have tough job

    Once the election commission certifies the Aug. 5 election results tomorrow, everything will be official.

    After this process those declared winners that night will officially be the winners.

    It also means that they are now the people that will lead the county for the next four years.

  • So Long ....

    This will be my final column for Another View.

    It’s a bittersweet moment. I’m not sad, and this isn’t a loss. I feel as though I’ve had a good five year run and have enjoyed going into your homes, places of work, and wherever you might’ve been to wind down.

    You might be asking, “J.E., why are you leaving?”

    The answer’s quite simple.

  • Paradise Lost: The Vanishing East Tennessee Way of Life

    The old saying that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone is one that we all know too well. So often in our lives we think of this famous saying and feel its bitter bite.

    Bittersweet too are our memories of the rapidly vanishing East Tennessee way of life we once enjoyed. Soon the witnesses to the pre-mall, pre-asphalt, pre-cell phone, pre-central heat and air, pre-Internet days will be gone forever. Already gone are many of the unique things that made East Tennessee life one of pleasure and contentment.

  • We must have confidence in the voters

    Tensions are high as the election nears.

    In a week the county could have all new leaders or have the same ones in for another term.

    As journalists, my coworkers and I have stayed far away from the campaign rumors. Without factual information we dispel the rumors as just that.

  • Don’t judge a candidate by their signs

    I am ready to gladly join those who have grown weary of the multitude of campaign signs we are seeing.

    While I wholeheartedly support the candidates’ First Amendment right to have the signs and say whatever they want on them-I have grown tired of that right being misused.

    The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech not the freedom to put a campaign sign every 50 feet. As the election has inched closer, the public outcry about the number of signs has gotten louder. I don’t understand how some candidates can say they have yet to hear a complaint.