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  • Letter to the Editor- Randy Brown


    LaFollette Press:

  • Spiritually Speaking

    Satan has always had a plan


    I want to mention again today, as I did last week, that John Hagee asked his church and anyone who would to participate in 40 days of prayer for our nation, Sept. 20 until Oct. 30.

    We need divine intervention in our nation!

    What we are seeing today did not happen overnight. There has always been sin and deception in the hearts of men, Satan had a plan.

  • Faithful Words

    The Christian’s duty


    “. . . walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called . . .” (See Ephesians 4:1-6).

  • From the Mountain


    Mark J. Tidwell


    We have a new bird dog at the homestead.  The English Setter is named
    Alice.  She’s four months old now and absolutely full of life.  She has an
    extraordinarily sweet disposition and has about the softest fur I’ve ever
    stroked.  Alice seemed a little dense in the brain department to start out.  I
    feel she’s making some progress in the last couple of weeks however.

  • Editorial Cartoon- Sept. 23
  • Letter to the Editor Sept. 23


    LaFollette Press:

    I have been looking for work for the last two months. I filled out some applications, most applications have to be filled out online. I even drove to Knoxville many times as well. One day on the hottest days of the year, on my way home from searching for work in Knoxville, I had a flat tire.

  • Letter to the Editor Sept. 23


    LaFollette Press:

    We have been taking in abandoned dogs for over a year now. Adoption count is 50 plus. My husband and I use our social security and retirement income to feed and vet all the dogs in our care. That comes to a lot of money.

    Our urgent need at this time is to enclose a 20x20 metal carport so they have a clean and dry place to be in. The kennels would then be put together and an exercise area made.

  • Commission's spending leaves coffers empty

       Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a time honored budgeting method. But what happens when Peter has already been held up? That is the circumstance the new crop of county commissioners is facing after their   spent nearly all of the discretionary money set aside for the commission in the 2010-11 fiscal year.

    On the front page of today’s Press is a story detailing the last minute spending habits of the outgoing county commissioners.