Today's Opinions

  • In the schools-Responsibility

    Many times it is human nature for all of us to have the tendency to not want to take responsibility for the tough choices that have to be made in life. This is not a criticism of other people, it is true of me as well. We expect everyone else to do something about community problems or wonder why people allow bad things to happen.  In reality we all need to realize we are those “people” that are responsible.

  • The Virtues of Bologna—or Baloney

    “My bologna has a first name; it’s O-s-c-a-r. My bologna has a second name; it’s M-a-y-e-r. Oh I love to eat it every day, and if you ask me why I’ll say, ‘cause Oscar Mayer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a.” Ah, this little jingle brings back wonderful memories to my middle-aged mind, reflections upon a subject profound to any Tennessean: bologna. As Tennesseans, especially as Appalachians, we ought to know a thing or two about this delicate subject. After all, many of us have been weaned on “Tennessee Steak” for decades.

  • Editorial Cartoon Sept. 2
  • A boy and his balloon

  • Editorial Cartoon Aug. 26
  • Letter to the Editor- Weed and Seed

    LaFollette Press:
    National Night Out was a huge success for our county.

  • Hope marches on

    Prayer changes things.  
    There’s no doubt about it.  
    I mean without that faith what hope do we have?
    In my 30-something years if I have learned one thing about God it’s that he always answers prayers. Sometimes his response to my petitions is yes, sometimes no and sometimes not right now. While the last reply is toughest for me it is an answer nonetheless.
    But in the waiting sometimes there is something to be said for getting out there and doing something.

  • Elected officials have tough job

    Once the election commission certifies the Aug. 5 election results tomorrow, everything will be official.

    After this process those declared winners that night will officially be the winners.

    It also means that they are now the people that will lead the county for the next four years.