Today's Opinions

  • In case of doom and gloom, remember everyday’s a holiday

     That’s right, my friends, today is a very special day.

    It’s a holiday.

    While you’re reading this, I want to wish you a Happy Play Dress-Up With A Raccoon Day, a Happy Talk Like A Mad Scientist Day, and a Happy Chocolate Cake Appreciation Day.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. You probably think I’ve lost my marbles or perhaps I’m one brick shy of a load. Please allow me to explain my fascination with such an unusual thing.    

  • An Ominous Perspective

    Life, we all know, is a matter of perspective. In America, the nation of boundless freedom and wide open spaces, perspectives are as numerous as our citizens. We are a hyper-pluralistic society, one where everyone’s perspective, mainstream or off-the-wall, generally finds its way to the public forum. That’s what makes America the great nation it is.

  • Just doing my job

    I recently wrote a sad story about drug use and child abuse, but there was a small ray of light; the police and the Department of Children’s Services had intervened in the situation.

    After writing that article, I was alleged to have placed the DCS worker in danger, by using her name. When writing articles about crime, my information comes from police reports, which are public documents and therefore public domain. This means that anyone can access these records.

    I did not write anything that was secret information.

  • What makes a story?

    Journalists are always looking to land the exclusive interview.

    We all want to sit down with the “It” person of the moment and garner  details that no one else has uncovered.

    It seems that no matter how outrageous, wicked or just plain stupid someone acts there is a journalist waiting to interview them.

    So, being a journalist, when Phillip Pack began talking to me last week at his murder trial I stopped to listen, until I heard what he was saying.

  • “The United Soviet States of America”

    The word socialism has come up a lot in our political debate over the last year.

    Perhaps you’ve noticed whenever a commentator has used this term, usually in context of some new Obama initiative, there’s nervous laughter and awkward gestures of embarrassment. Ever wonder why?  Let’s take a look at the definition:

  • A vote for dignity

    Thomas Hobbes, a 16th century English philosopher, famously said that life is “poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

    For much of the human existence, Hobbes’s observation hit the nail on the head; human life, as wonderful as it is, was, and remains today, overshadowed by cruelty.

  • Easter memories possess so much more

    Easter is by far one of my favorite times of the year.

    Although the religious significance of the season is a big part of why I love this time of year, it’s also the feeling in the atmosphere that excites me. The smell of hyacinths and honeysuckles that fill the warm, sun-kissed air and the vibrant colors that can’t help but make you feel at ease in the midst of personal storms.

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