• It was a rather normal Monday—temperatures in the upper 40s, overcast, the usual hustle and bustle that one would expect from shopping one week out from Christmas.

  • Someone once said that the quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.”

    Hello. My name is Christie Elkins. I am a recovering Black Friday addict.

  •  Healthier Pumpkin Pie recipe

    INGREDIENTS: 1 (15 oz.) can pumpkin

  • As we sit at the table on Thanksgiving Eve, Lord bless this food that we are about to receive.

  •  On Friday, folks will have another reason to go downtown.  

  • “Do you remember your favorite birthday ever?” she asked the other evening, anxiously awaiting my answer.

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  • What I have found to be true after purchasing a fixer-upper home is that you basically sell your soul to the local hardware store.
    Have an anniversary?

  • “Do you remember that day?” he asked, eyes tired from the day and preparing to drift into dream land.

  • They say the most wonderful time of year is the Christmas season.  Sorry, Andy Williams, I have to disagree. Autumn is where it is at. Or as we so affectionately call it here in the South — fall.
    So, here are a few things I love about the fall season, in no particular order:


    Dear vandal(s):

    When my husband and I decided to take our children to the fair on Saturday for Hometown Heroes day, we did not expect to see you there.
    My husband sees you at least five days a week — sometimes more — when you destroy the businesses, homes and vehicles of others just to benefit your own cause.

  • Last week, in a rare shopping excursion with only one of the three gremlins (I mean, children) we stumbled upon a small hummingbird feeder on clearance for only $2.
    Anytime I see those red stickers in sight, it excites me from the inside out. I mean, why don’t I need tons of off-season flip flops in various summer colors for only a fraction of the price?
    But that day, I kept my head on straight, and thought that a purchase such as this would do our little crazy home school souls well.
    It definitely was not the smartest of choices.
    Here is why:

  • If you could take the totality of fair and lovely, with a side order of grace and class, you would have my grandmother. Watching her from afar with my fluffy bangs and side ponytail, sitting on a seat boosted by old JCPenney catalogs growing up, I always knew she was a woman of influence.  
    There are a few things in life, rules that I follow, that have shaped the woman I have become, and the grown up I am still becoming. Wise ideals such as: