•  Serpent-handling preacher Andrew Hamblin’s citation for possessing at least 50 venomous snakes last week will likely come back to bite someone in the end. 

  • At the LaFollette Press, we believe democracy still works. But to aid the democratic process, elected officials have to show up — and they have to vote. 

    That’s a lesson some of our county commissioners apparently need to learn. 

  • Some of the most important lessons are painful ones. I received a very humbling lesson about manners from my roommate my sophomore year in college.
    Kang was an international student. His family lived in China, but he was originally from Korea. He could speak at least three languages — that I was aware of — including English.

  • A few weeks ago, I sat down with my cousins to watch Les Miserables. Though it was my third time viewing it, I was more moved than the first time.
    Not being the least bit musical, my ability to critique the songs is very limited—I thought the music was very good, for what that’s worth.
    But the story is amazing.
    While I enjoy movies, I usually find myself in direct opposition to the worldview presented by Hollywood—whether it’s postmodernism, secular humanism, moral relativism or materialism.

  •  As Campbell County school board members debate the virtues of virtual school, we wonder why—in 2013—there isn’t already a standardized online learning option in place for our state’s students. 


    Hope is the fuel for life. It keeps us going. People place their hope in different things—bank accounts, political parties and families. My hope is the Gospel. Gospel means “good news.” I believe there is a God who is good. And while I am evil, and deserve to suffer eternal punishment when I die, God allows me to be spared if I believe in his son—Jesus. Jesus took the punishment I deserve when he died on a cross 2,000 years ago. 

  •  A survey conducted in January revealed 62 people living without homes in Campbell County. 

    That’s 62 too many. 

    Despite the rampant poverty and harsh economic conditions in this county, homelessness is 100 percent preventable. 

    In Georgia, the homeless are treated worse than shelter animals, according to Christopher and Jerrilynn Rodrigue, a formerly homeless couple from Marietta, Ga., who recently found compassion from local officials, volunteers and service providers.