• I know I’m usually heartfelt in my weekly column, but this week is one, and possibly the only week, where I need to be allowed the liberty of digression and the freedom of speech.

    This past week I was checking my emails. I received a message in regards to a petition where President-elect Obama’s first act in office should be to help protect the forest animals and the environment. When I checked another activist page that was pushing for this same cause, their reason for the petition was “That’s why we voted him in office.”

  • In this season of giving, local elected officials should give the proposed justice center another thought.

    Would it be an expensive undertaking to build the new offices and jail space? Would it mean that other capital outlay projects be tabled for few years? Yes.

    But it would speak volumes as to how Campbell County addresses its problems.

    If the intention of officials is to make Campbell County a tourist destination or an area where people want to move then it is time to take a step forward.


    On Monday, I was in criminal court watching a multitude of local offenders have their time with Judge Shayne Sexton.

  • As we approach this time of Thanksgiving, we need to pause and give thanks for all that we have been blessed with in our great nation.  

    First, I am thankful that the election is over because I thought it would never end.


  •      Tennessee’s statewide deer season will have opened, Saturday morning, Nov. 22, by the time you read this. This time of year used to be ever so important to me as I contemplated taking to the woods in pursuit of the gray, antlered ghosts of late fall.