Advertising starts for police chief; city makes plans to demolish houses

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By Natasha Colbaugh

At the end of the LaFollette Council meeting Tuesday night, interim city administrator Cade Sexton said advertising for a new police chief begins this week.

The city will accept applications for the position for two weeks, starting immediately and continuing through Jan. 21.

Also in the police department the council approved to increase interim Police Chief Jack Widener’s salary by $500 per month for two months.

The council also addressed plans to demolish dilapidated houses.

What started with 15 houses at the workshop has expanded to include 25 houses that need to be torn down. Two of the houses were once meth houses and require special disposal of the interior, said Street Department Director Jim Mullens.

The estimate for track hoe rental is $9,400 plus $200 for delivery and pick up. LaFollette Mayor Mike Stanfield said the overall cost is under $10,000.

Councilman Hansford Hatmaker started a lengthy debate over the type of machinery being rented. Councilman Wayne Kitts interrupted the debate to make a motion for the track hoe rental.

A complete list of houses and owners is being provided to city attorney Reid Troutman for legal purposes.