Amateur Hour in Washington While America Hurts

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By Josh Parker

As news about the AIG fiasco began to break late last week, it proved yet again how unprepared Barack Obama is to lead America out of this current economic conundrum.  

After seeing the trickle of mistake after mistake in governing, it’s painfully obvious that Obama is still wrapped up in the fabric of a political machine he helped create. Apparently, Obama didn’t get the memo that the campaign is over. I saw a news report on CNN last weekend that Obama’s team is activating his campaign volunteers to go door to door in neighborhoods and canvass for his agenda.  

It’s over.  

The campaign of 2008 is over.  

Please, for the sake of this country and the sake of future generations, start acting like the President of the United States instead of like a guy who wants to be President of the United States.  If the consequences of failure weren’t so serious, it would almost be funny how Obama has neglected his duties in the first 65 days of his administration.  The consequences of failure are simple:  the United States of America will be bankrupt if the spending priorities of  Obama are adopted and implemented.

On Fox News Sunday, Sen. Judd Gregg a New Hampshire Republican summed it up best.  He described a path of bankruptcy if the Obama budget is approved by the Democrat Congress.  Gregg, as one may remember, initially accepted the position of Commerce Secretary for Obama before withdrawing his name from consideration because he knew he would not be able to support and advocate the budget and spending priorities of the Obama administration.  Gregg, who is the highest ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, formerly served as Chairman of the Budget Committee under Republican control of the United States Senate.

Gregg is no amateur when it comes to issues as important as these.

The AIG debacle is the best example of Obama and the Congressional Democrats being asleep at the wheel.  We know from published accounts that during the behind the scenes conference committee meeting of the Stimulus Bill, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner wanted to insert language in the bill that would protect bonuses that companies like AIG would give to employees.  Of course, at the time, nobody caught it.  Sen. Christopher Dodd a Democrat from Connecticut, who also serves as Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, inserted the language inside the final bill.  We now know that this amendment proposed by Dodd, at the urging of the Obama White House, allowed for the $160 million dollars to be spent on bonuses.  An interesting tidbit on Dodd and AIG is that according to opensecrets.org, Dodd received over $220,000 in campaign contributions from AIG in the 2008 election cycle.  AIG, a company that would not be open for business right now if it were not for billions of dollars from taxpayers, is being rewarded for failing.  

The same people that drove this company to the brink of disaster are now getting bonuses exceeding $165 million dollars.  

You can’t make this stuff up.

We find ourselves on the brink of bankrupting future generations in this country.  If we continue down the stretch that President Obama plans to take us, people my age will never be able to achieve the American Dream, much less retire.  The work that we do will go to pay off the debt that Obama and Congressional Democrats ring up at our expense.  

The job Obama applied for, interviewed for, and won is about more than riding around on Air Force One, going on the Tonight Show, and hosting cocktail parties every Wednesday night.  America faces tough challenges and it’s time for President Obama and the Democratic Congress to fulfill their campaign promises and start working for the American people.

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