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 Here is a list of projected winners in the 2014 Campbell County Election.
Unofficial tallies for all races are available at our media partner, 1450 WLAF's site, by clicking here. An official list of winners and tallies will be published in the Aug. 14 edition of the LaFollette Press. 

County Mayor: E.L. Morton

Sheriff: Robbie Goins

County Clerk: Alene Baird

County Attorney: Joseph E. Coker

Circuit Court Clerk: Bobby Vann

Chancellor (Campbell County only): Elizabeth Asbury

Register of Deeds: Dormas Miller

General Sessions Judge: Amanda "Mandy" Sammons

County Trustee: Monty Bullock

8th Judicial District Criminal Court Judge: E. Shayne Sexton

8th Judicial District Attorney General (Campbell County only): Jared Effler 

 8th Judicial District Public Defender (Campbell County only): Leif Jeffers



District 1: N. Marie Ayers, Whit Goins, Robert "Higgy" Higginbotham

District 2: Lonnie Welden, Dewayne “Mailman” Kitts, Cliff "Butch" Kohlmeyer

District 3: Scott Stanfield, Lawrence Rusty Orick, Cliff Jennings

District 4: Johnny "Coach" Bruce, Sue Nance, Charles "Goat" Baird

District 5: Ralph Davis, Forster Baird, Carl B. Douglas



District 1: Wallace Goins, 

District 2: Sharon Mills Ridenour

District 3: Faye Heatherly

District 4:  Clint Bane

District 5: Crystal Creekmore


District 1: n/a (none qualifed)

District 2: Larry R. Ford

District 3: Bill A. Rutherford

District 4: Dewey W. Madison

District 5: Paul Webb