Campbell runners take 1st place

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This past Saturday the Cougars elementary and middle school cross-country teams competed in the Volunteer Cross Country Invitational at Victor Ashe Park. In spite of heavy rain that came down during the race, Campbell County was well represented at this annual event.
The middle school girls won their first championship trophy. Gracie Faulkner finished 4th overall with a time of 15:45.63, followed by Katelyn Goins (6th with a time of 16:29:52), Kelsey Williams (11th with a time of 16:41.25, Carlie Love (13th with a time of 16:53.00) and Taylor Love (16th with a time of 17:02.61). All five of these young ladies improved their times from Tuesday on the samecourse. Other girls competing on Saturday were Brooke Bane (20th with a time of 17:22.75), Kendra King (43rd with a time of 19:27.39), Kasi Phillips (49th with a time of 20:20.57), Aubree Cahill (60th with a time of 22:14.31), Morgan Wilson (70th with a time of 24:43.38 and Caitlyn Davis (77th with a time of 28:05.40). Only two boys from the middle school were able to compete on Saturday, so they were not able to score as a team. Individually, Andrew Evans finished 23rd in 15:45.78, while Matthew Stogsdill was 57th in 19:09.33.
For the first time since this team was formed, the elementary boys had enough members to compete as a team. They followed the girls’ lead and finished first overall. The first five Cougars all placed in the top 15 to receive individual trophies: Eric Phillips (3rd with a time of 6:34.26), Blake Kibler (4th with a time of 6:35.67), Jared Bane (7th with a time of 6:41.37), and Timmy Zupancic (13th with a time of 7:05.23), Riley Faulkner (14th with a time of 7:12.11), Ty Seiber (23rd with a time of 7:54.40), Ethan Cox (33rd with a time of 8:22.42) and Nick Phillips (37th with a time of 8:33.58). Connor Baird was unable to attend Saturday’s event due to a prior commitment. On the girls’ elementary side, Lindsay Horton once again finished near the top, receiving a trophy for her 5th place finish in 7:20.75.  Madison Burris was 26th in 9:20.75, and Kayla Davis, younger sister of Caitlyn, finished 2:30 faster than Tuesday in 12:02.48.
“Once everyone is healthy and injury free,” said coach Ann Browning.
“We have enough participants to field complete teams in all four categories. That will be exciting to see nearing the end of our season. The girls’ elementary team is especially happy to welcome back Emily Sanders, who competed last year. She will be a great addition and help improve their team standings at the championship meet in October.”