Caryville aldermen approve $20k in expenses

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By Natasha Colbaugh

 Over $20,000 in purchases was approved by the Caryville Board of Mayor and Aldermen Monday night.

Caryville Street Department Director David Muse addressed the board concerning purchases of road salt and a leaf box. The approval to bid for both items last month led to the receipt of several quotes.

The board approved the purchase of 48 tons of salt at about $76 a ton for the street department. They also approved the purchase of a leaf box to be bought from the state street aid fund for $4,658.

Muse said he has decided to stay with the department after giving his resignation in last month’s public meeting. He requested the approval to hire one part-time employee for the department, which the board approved.

In other business the board approved the payment for engine maintenance in the fire department for $831.67. The payment was to Herrell’s Mobile Repair Service for annual maintenance.

The board also approved two budgeted items during the meeting. TML liability insurance for $7,383.64 and TML workers compensation for $6,128.06 are both budgeted items.

In other business the board allowed the payment of $754.95 to purchase five body-worn camcorders. The purchase was made from the drug fund.

Also in the police department, police chief Johnny Jones requested the painting of a police car. The paint on the car has been recalled because of peeling. The board approved the quote of $723 to paint the patrol car.

In addition to other payments the board also approved the expense of $1,739.91 for attorney fees. The payment to John C. Duffy was approved for a pending lawsuit.

The combined cost of approved payments at the meeting was over $20,000.

During the library report Library Director Robyn Turner announced a temporary medical leave. The leave will be approximately three months. Turner requested the library remain open during her leave.

“I wonder if we could pay my substitute out of what would be my salary because I can’t get it anyway. It wouldn’t cost the city any money,” said Turner.

The substitute Barbara Harness was highly recommended to the board as a temporary replacement.

“She does a wonderful job,” said Turner.

The board approved to pay Harness temporarily in Turner’s absence. In addition to having Harness fill the position temporarily, the lunch hours would also be changed to 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.