Caryville approved new building codes

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By Natasha Colbaugh

The 2009 edition of the international building codes were approved by the Caryville Board of Mayor and Aldermen Monday night. The new codes are being recommended by the state for all municipalities to have up to date requirements for inspections.

The item will require two readings and a public hearing prior to Oct. 1, the effective date of the codes. The board plans on holding a public hearing and special call meeting next Monday to have the codes approved before October. While the board approved the new codes in the first reading they also repealed any other ordinances in conflict with the 2009 edition.

Prior to the passage of the new building codes, a visitor to the meeting explained the requirements for the 2010 Home Grant Program recently awarded to the town.

Gwen Brown from Brown Pearlman Russell, LLC, was present at the meeting and explained several important factors of the program. The grant provides assistance in rehabilitation of houses for families based on a point structure. According to Brown, no prior applicants are allowed to apply and no relatives of the town board are eligible for the loans. Brown estimated that the town would be able to assist about five families with the rehabilitation of their homes.

The board approved a resolution adopting the program policies, and will hold a public hearing concerning the grant application process for citizens.

The board also approved the application process for a recycling grant and the expenditures for safety equipment with the TML Safety Grant.

For the police department, Police Chief Johnny Jones requested five new shotguns totaling $1,775 and repairs to a police cruiser for $506. The board approved both items for the police department. The purchase of shotguns will be made from the drug fund, said Jones.

Several requests by the street department were also given approval by the board. Street Department Director David Muse requested the purchase of 50 tons of salt to be used this year and next. The board decided to bid for the salt and a leaf box for the street department.

The board will meet in special session on Monday, Sept. 20, at 6:30 p.m. for a special hearing required to adopt the 2009 International Building Codes.