Citizen’s request help for stray dogs

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By Natasha Colbaugh

An influx of citizen complaints took precedent at the Caryville Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting Monday night.

Several complaints were about stray dogs on Park Road and Bruce Gap.

“I’m about ready to kill one,” said one citizen. “I’m not going to be run back into my house by anyone’s dog.”

Caryville Mayor Robert Stooksbury said the town does have a leash law. Stooksbury referred the citizen to animal control, saying the county has done a good job picking up stray animals.

Another citizen with the same complaint said the dogs are back in the fence by the time animal control arrives.

“I am scared to death to even go to my mail box because of those dogs,” she said.

Police Chief Johnny Jones said the dog owners were previously cited into court. Both the citizens were referred to the police department to take action about the dogs.

Two more complaints were about drainage issues. One issue was determined to be a civil matter because a neighbor was excavating their property.

The other drainage issue brought before the board concerned debris clogging a drain on Tram Road. The citizen said water has continuously gathered in his yard because of the clogged drain.

Stooksbury said he would involve the street department with unclogging the drain to insure it was flowing properly.