Fun features draw little children to the Caryville Library

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Children's literacy computer and pre-school story time are the newest additions

By Natasha Colbaugh

Caryville Library Director Robyn Turner gets excited about fostering a learning environment while promoting reading. That is why pre-school story time and the children’s literacy computer are such important additions.


Story time has a direct impact on brain development, primarily in pre-school age children, explained Turner last week. For the purpose of positively influencing young minds, Turner has helped organize the weekly story-time program at Caryville Library.

The story time takes place every Wednesday, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

“They just have the best time,” said Turner.

The program allows the children to experience a story through interaction and crafts. Volunteer Terry Plucker gives her time each week to read a children’s story to the young crowd. They do short exercises with dances and then two short stories are read to the children.

The program officially launched in January with two children, and has moved from the library into the council chambers with almost 15 children participating.

After the stories, the children make crafts with the same themes. This pasting and coloring completes the program activities, but another feature to the library also draws the attention of the children. The new children’s literacy computer is available to children ages two through seven.

The computer helps teach all areas of curriculum and Turner said it is very popular.

“We need three more,” said Turner about the computer that is used after school and during the story time program.

Turner strives for excellence at the Caryville Library and feels like the program exemplifies that effort.

“I feel like we’ve achieved excellence in this program,” said Turner.

The story time program lasts from 45 minutes to an hour, but is filled with fun activities to keep the children’s attention.

“It gets the children interested in reading and checking out books,” said Turner about the programs accomplishments.

The library holds a great children’s story collection, said Turner. As the children are participating in the program they are also observing the books in the library.

Turner explained that Plucker has helped organize the program as a volunteer and is donating her time each week.

“Terry is an asset to the community,” said Turner. “She is a blessing to me and the children.”