Grant continuation means aid for domestic violence victims

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By Beth Braden

A Department of Justice grant means local domestic violence victims will still have access to legal assistance.

The Family Services Center, a part of Community Health of East Tennessee, is the recipient of part of the $500,000. With its share of the money, office space will still be available for attorneys to consult with local victims.

“We provide an office space for the representatives, the lawyers, from the Legal Aid Society to come up and meet with victims of domestic violence who are in need of legal services,” said Rebecca Brandenburg-Herrell.

Roughly half the women who seek the shelter’s services will also need legal aid, Brandeburg-Herrell said. Last year, the shelter served 167 women and children.

Most of the legal services offered deal with divorces, but the lawyers can also assist with other matters such as tax issues.

The Legal Aid Society serves 48 counties in Tennessee.