Jellico plans meeting for third consecutive week

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By Natasha Colbaugh

The Jellico Mayor and Aldermen are handling business in special call meetings before and after the monthly meetings.

For the third week in a row, Jellico has scheduled an evening meeting. With significant business discussed at the Sept. 8 special called meeting, the regular meeting on Sept. 16 may have seemed obsolete. However, the monthly bills still require payment, an item usually handled during the regular scheduled meetings, said city recorder Linda Douglas.

In order to handle business for the month and pass the 2009 building codes in the first reading, the board of mayor and aldermen had another special call meeting on Sept. 22.

But the board is looking at another meeting before the end of September in order to pass the 2009 building codes in the final reading. The codes have to be approved prior to Oct. 1, according to the state mandated requirements. 

Following the Sept. 22 meeting the board will schedule another special call to pass the building codes, bringing the planned meetings to four this month.