LaFollette Council appropriates money

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By Natasha Colbaugh

With money received from the capital outlay note, the LaFollette City Council made plans to spend it Tuesday night.

A low interest loan for $1.5 million will be allocated to several departments. The council approved a resolution describing the various expenditures.

The largest expense listed was for paving. Approximately $700,000 was allocated for paving. With a STP grant for about $400,000, the city plans to go ahead with paving from the capital outlay note; the city will have close to $1.1 million for paving city roads.

Also allocated from the loan was up to $300,000 to renovate the recreation center into a library. The board authorized the release of renovation funds in a separate motion.

Also being spent from the capital outlay note is $30,000 to renovate West LaFollette School for recreational offices and meeting rooms.

Listed on the designation of funds was $68,720 to assist the county with construction of the Pleasant Ridge Bridge.

“This brings the total to $1,048,720 which leaves $451,280 to be designated by you all at a later date,” said Sexton.

Since the allocation already included the Pleasant Ridge Bridge project, Mayor Mike Stanfield asked Campbell County Road Superintendent Dennis Potter to explain the bids to the council.

Potter plans to work with the utility company to move water and sewer lines, he said. Stanfield told the audience the bridge process has been talked about for about four years.

“We need to lay this thing to rest tonight, we got the money now to do it,” said Stanfield.

Councilman Hansford Hatmaker appeared confused about what was the bid and what was the allocation of capital outlay funds.

The low bid on the bridge was from Evans and Evans for $118,641.20. “There is going to be some incidentals that come up like with the TVA permits,” said Potter. “I don’t want you to cut it so short.”

The original proposal was to split the cost to replace the bridge on Pleasant Ridge Bridge. The bridge has been bid on three times. Engineering cost will also be split between the city and the county.

Hatmaker requested proposals to be supplied to the council prior to the council meeting.

“We’ve got a good bid and an excellent contractor,” said Potter.

The council returned to the resolution for passing. Though Hatmaker expressed dissatisfaction about the bridge project he voted for the resolution to allocate money from the capital outlay note.

Appointing an infectious disease coordinator was also a top priority for the LaFollette Council. The city was recently fined for failure to keep employees up to date on training. The coordinator will train all city employees and administer paperwork and treatment if necessary.
The council voted to appoint Charles Hudson as the coordinator to reorganize the program. Hudson will be compensated with $100 a month for the extra responsibilities outside his fire department duties.

Interim LaFollette City Administrator Cade Sexton said a budget for the program would have to be included in the future. The budget will include training materials and expenses. Currently the program will operate from the general fund until the next budget cycle.