LaFollette Council approves new hires

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By Natasha Colbaugh

Three new hires and two promotions were discussed at the LaFollette City Council meeting Tuesday night.

Promoting Jimmy Pack to a captain in the fire department was approved unanimously. His promotion creates a captain for every shift in the department.

Bryan Worley and Timothy Moore were also hired in the fire department during the meeting.

In the police department, the council hired Justin Parrott as a full-time police officer. Colby Parotti was hired part-time in the street department, but council approval wasn’t necessary for the part-time position.

A request by constable Larry Ford to help patrol downtown was discussed at the meeting. Ford offered his services to the city and asked only for a handheld radio to be provided. The council agreed he could patrol the area at his own discretion, but the city would not be held liable for his duties.

In other business the council planned on celebrating Halloween on Saturday, Oct. 30. Trunk or Treat will be held downtown as in years past.

The November meeting falls on election night; the decision was made to move the meeting to the following Monday, Nov. 8 at 7 p.m.