Life and death can go hand and hand

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By JE Bolton

American author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “The things that count most in life are the things that can‘t be counted.”

The one thing I love about this time of year are the leaves.

You’re probably going to disagree with me, but the one thing I find rather soothing is raking leaves into piles.

There’s always been something about yard work that’s somewhat therapeutic.

One day, I was prepared to rake the dead leaves that lay dormant on my yard. I changed into my overalls and sneakers, and walked outside, rake in hand. Keep in mind, I said the dead leaves.

As soon as I stepped outside, something took my breath away. Instead of these dead, brown, crinkly leaves, my yard was covered in rich golden colors. It was absolutely breathtaking, and had to be one of those days when God’s paintbrush was working overtime. The yard looked so alive, that I hung my rake up and decided to keep the ground golden until after Thanksgiving.

To think I saw the liveliness and beauty of everything, and I was going outside to rake up the dead leaves. Ironic, isn’t it?

That’s how it often is in our own lives.

Sometimes things appear dead at face value- a situation, a hope, perhaps a dream or a relationship. The thing we tend to forget is when we step back and see potential and refuse to give up on things that appear dead, the life in it is suddenly magnified and more evident than before.

Dear readers, always remember that life is sometimes like a boxing ring and you’re lying face down upon the mat. Just because the referee shouts out a “1-2-3” call and has only counted to two, doesn’t mean he’s called your defeat. Dig a little deeper within the realms of your cadaverous dreams and stagnant hopes. You’ll soon find they were never on life support as you originally thought.

Instead, you’ll find they were just as you left them, sitting on the shelf just waiting to take off and never look back.