Man requests return of missing vase

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To the editor:

Several Saturdays ago, I attended a wake service at the most professional and compassionate Walters Funeral Home. Unfortunately, I arrived at the end of the service. I brought freshly cut flowers in a homemade vase. It was a glass globe glued to a “Corelle” plate. In my neighbor’s grief, she neglected to pick up my special gift, something I had promised her husband. When I went to Walters, Mr. Charles assured me that a woman had removed my vase. I have no reason to doubt his true statement. Since it was a large turnout of family and friends, perhaps another woman accidentally brought the beautiful Russian sunflowers and various colored homegrown flowers — from seed and in LaFollette tank spring water — home to enjoy. The plate did have my name on it on a strip of freezer tape. The “Corelle” pattern was a favorite of my dear mom, who died of an accidental, alcoholic suicide some 28 years ago on July 8. Could the lady or person who has this special vase/plate please return it to the desk of the LaFollette Press, no questions asked?

Mark Gregory Swetz