Martial arts school holds jujitsu seminar

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On Oct. 9, the Academy of Martial Arts, located at LaFollette Fitness Center, held a Brazilian Jujitsu Seminar and welcomed an alumnus back to the school.
The seminar was conducted by instructor Brandon Bolton, a third-degree black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu who began his training at the Academy of Martial Arts in LaFollette when he was 6 years old before leaving to start his own school several years ago. The martial artists attending the seminar worked on a variety of grappling escapes and submissions in both self-defense and sport grappling situations.
“We were really pleased with the extent of the seminar material,” said Academy of Martial Arts head instructor Larry Bostic.
“Brandon has really excelled as an instructor in his art.”
Bolton began his martial arts training under school founder Tyrone Shepard and senior instructor Bostic. He is currently the head instructor at National Academy of Martial Arts in Franklin. Bolton recently returned from training in Brazil, where he worked with and received his rank from Grandmaster Francisco Mansur. In addition to training a competition team, which consistently takes top awards in tournaments, Bolton currently is providing combative training to the entire Davidson County (Nashville Metro) police force. He resides in Franklin just outside of Nashville.The Academy of Martial Arts is located at Lafollette Fitness Center and has programs for ages 5 and up. For more info, call 423-562-5333.