MOPS meetings are off to a good start

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Mothers of preschoolers hold bimonthly meetings

By Natasha Colbaugh

Meeting other mothers is the first step to creating relationships and answering questions about rearing small children.


That‘s why MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) are forming in LaFollette.

Despite the different emotions of mothers, the local group is putting mothering into perspective with bi-monthly gatherings.

Becky Fladie organized the first MOPS meeting at Cedar Hill Baptist Church on Tuesday. The meeting focused on getting to know others in the group with unique games. Around the room, mothers differed in many ways. There were those with several children, adopted children and mothers raising their grandchildren. But the way in which they became mothers is not as important as getting to know others who experienced similar situations.

It was a casual environment as the ladies talked about their habits and habits of their children. But a common theme united them.

Stories about the different stages of their children’s development unified them.

Though it was the first meeting, the awkwardness quickly faded into laughter. Sharing stories over coffee and snacks led the group to learn more about MOPS with an informative video. Each of the women related with the feelings portrayed in the video, whether through childbirth or patient understanding of a toddler.

Notebooks were decorated at the end of the meeting. The notebooks could be used to document their children’s achievements or the accomplishments of the mothers. The creative opportunity to express individuality may have been the first in many months for several of the mothers.

MOPS meetings are for every mother of preschool age children. The church provided childcare, giving the mothers a chance to have adult conversation and interaction.

Fladie said the program, in connection with Galilee Bible Camp, is established to nurture the mothers of preschoolers. These mothers often dedicate their time to nurturing their own children and have little time to care for themselves.

The next meeting is planned for Oct. 26, from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Cedar Hill Baptist Church. Events are still being planned for the meetings, but Fladie has a few ideas for the ladies who attend. Fall flower arrangements are planned for the current season and for Valentine’s Day in the spring the women will discuss ways to make their marriages stronger.

For more information about MOPS or to attend a meeting contact Fladie as (423) 663-3281 or Galilee Bible Camp at 562-4910.